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Oh it’s so nice to spend my weekends in my little house studio. I set my iPod on shuffle, or turn on the portable DVD player, and just get to work. The quilt wall will be getting a lot of use, I hope. I sketched out an idea the week before last, and started playing around with it the last couple days.


It’s lap or baby-sized, and I’m thinking there will be three or four more flowers. I wanted to use shot cotton, and originally thought I’d do the whole thing with all solid shot cotton colors, but the quilt shop didn’t have any good, saturated pinks and greens like I wanted. I was so disappointed, until I wandered over to the batiks. I don’t think of myself as a batik sort of person, but the colors just got me, so I’m giving it a try. I’ll just be satisfied that only the background is shot cotton.


I also blocked my scarf, and am having a little fun playing with some Anthropologie-like embellishments from my vintage lace stash.


Since I wasn’t feeling too great last week, about the only thing I did was knit. I stuck mostly to my orange sweater, but I thought I’d start a couple other, small-ish projects just to mix it up a little. When I cleaned out my yarn stash I decided I needed to find specific projects for the yarn I have, so now I have a half a dozen things to chose from. I started on a shrug, because I just happen to have the exact number of skeins of Homespun in a lovely, deep purple. I needed a size 10 cable needle, so I was searching through all my circular needles and it turns out I have four size 9 needles and not a one in size 10. I’m not sure how that happened. Anyone need a size 9 needle?

I also managed to finish up the needle books and pincushions for the shop. They were a lot of fun to make, so I hope they all find good homes.




  1. I love your scarf! The embellishments are fantastic! I seem to have become obsessed with shot cotton and ordered more over the weekend. What is it with this fabric that makes me feel that I must have every single color in multiple yards? On the subject of knitting needles…I have 4 size 13 needles…WHY? is what I would like to know-perhaps we could swap? I am so excited to tell you that I have ordered one of your needle cases and pin cushion sets! I instantly fell in love with them and raced over to ETSY to purchase before that annoying voice of “don’t spend any money-times are tough” woke up! I am happy to say that the order was placed before Ms. Frugal and even knew what hit her! Can’t wait to get them!

  2. That scarf is gorgeous! I love it — especially the ribbon. I have Knitting Little Luxeries and have yet to try a pattern from it. Your scarf turned out so gorgeous, I may have to try it myself. The needle books are adorable, too.
    I recently discovered that I have 3 sets of size 3 dpns. I’ve only used them for one project ever…so I don’t know how that happened.
    I also need to go through my yarn stash and figure out how to use it up. I ended up with a ton because I inhereted all of my great-grandmother’s yarn after she passed away. So there’s a lot of good vintage stuff in there — I just have to find the right things to use it on. I may have enough of something for that scarf. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You are so inspiring with your creativity! I love the scarf very much.

  4. Hey Lucy! I just wanted to tell you that I ordered one of your pincushion and needle book sets – I’ve been reading your blog on the sly for months now, and when I saw the pictures of them, I had to order one right away!
    I love reading your blog. I really do. And I loved shopping at your etsy =]

  5. Lovely things you have posted today! The little needle books are adorable – I love yoyos. Please show us what you decide to do with the scarf. I’m knitting a little scarf too, and I never even thought of embellishing it until I saw your post. Now I want to steal your idea. Do you mind?

  6. I love the detail of the flowers. I like bright colors too though not the same ones as you’re using here. I’d love to play around with quilting more.
    But first off is working on the quilt top I finished but then never quilted. I’m going to take my first stab back at it today.

  7. Great work! I love your style, it’s delicate and soft, yet not airy fairy. If that makes any sense at all! It has a strength, but its not in your face.
    You’re so lucky to have a studio space to work in. I can’t wait to make sure our next house has an extra room just for me and my sewing things!

  8. I’m sure your needle books will all find good homes. They look so cosy and fun. You are so talented!

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