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I've been going on and on about me, me, me, but I am also finding so much inspiration out there in the world at the moment. I just thought I'd acknowledge and share some of my favorite things lately. My favorite album at the moment (other than Good Night Human, of course), is Lisa Hannigen's Sea Sew. I'm loving this song so much: 

I also love the cover she hand-stitched herself: 


And for a little more handmade goodness, be sure to watch the video for Lille, the video director also made the pop-up books, which are so great!

I know this is everywhere in blogland, but if you haven't had a chance to look at Weekend Sewing, I would suggest you head to the bookstore this week and take a peek.


I'm pretty particular about the craft books I bring home, because 1) I only have so much shelf space, and there's not much left, and 2) I already know how to sew, so how-to books not really necessary. I love this one the inspiration and the fact that Heather Ross so creative and such a great writer on top of it all. Her blog is so much fun to read, just for the stories she tells. I am also really hankering for some of her new fabric after seeing this little project (scroll down to see the finished quilted kimono and dress). 

And one last bit of inspiration is this sweater. I'm not sure if it would be flattering on my busty self, but I sure do love it, and may have to make it regardless.

Okay, now I'm off to do some sewing myself. See how inspired I am!


  1. O my gosh. That kimono and dress are so adorable. I’m sorry, but my daughter is going to have to be the best dressed girl in the neighborhood with all of the ideas I can steal from you. I was window shopping a bit yesterday and I saw a pretty cute dress for a little girl that was $50. I could make it for $5. I think I’m going to have way too much fun with just the wardrobe factor of having a baby girl.

  2. Hello Marne!
    Thank you for your suggestion and comment! What a lovely blog you have…thank you for stopping by!!
    πŸ™‚ Pamela

  3. I had to get that book when it came out a few weeks ago! My daughter and I are trying to carve out some time to make a kimono for her. I love the quilted kimono- so cute! I am first making hers in a thin cotton so she can wear it as a pj top- I brought her back kimon-like pjs from Pearl River in New York when I took a trip a couple years ago. The tops are so cool looking, I want one myself now. I have finally edged back into sewing a bit (it’s been 15 years) and I am addicted again- it’s all I want to do. The house is like a ball and chain around my ankle right now, but it’s almost ready. When I get it looking like a model that real people don’t live in, then I can get back to my sewing fun- haha!

  4. Marne–You won!!! Congrats! If you email me your address I will send you your earrings. πŸ™‚
    πŸ™‚ Pamela

  5. I love that video, her solo stuff is better than I thought it would be, she may be my new star crush.

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