I accidentally lied

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The blog-iversery reader appreciation giveaway is going to take a few more days. I was dealing with a mountain of laundry, an avalanche of dishes, kittens discovering yarn and a serious cock-fight in the yard this weekend, so I didn’t get to as many of the fun things as I had hoped. Luckily, the kitchen is (fairly) clean, there is only one more load of laundry, the yarn has been untangled and re-wound, and all that’s left is to deal with the two-roosters-not-willing-to-share-the-17-hens problem. For that, we are working on a small coop to keep in a fenced off corner of the yard, but a sudden drop in temperature and rainstorm forced us to stop before it was finished, so it’s going to have to wait until next weekend. In the meantime, the new rooster, Moo-Shu, is living in the pen attached to the chicken coop. He’s a really big guy, but is missing his tail feathers, thanks to the General. That unfortunate incident happened before it was apparent that they were roosters, and they had supposedly made their peace afterward. I guess the separation of the last few weeks made them forget that, and now they HATE each other. Sigh. The life of a chicken farmer is wrought with complications.

The good news is that I got my first blue egg, it was really pretty and it tasted good too:

Eventually the eggs will grow into the egg cups, I hope.


  1. So are you giving blue colored water to your chickens?
    I remember my experiments in school with flowers and colored water made the petals colored, would it work with eggs? Try magenta 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! Cock fights! For real!!! Could Moo-Shu be destined for the stewing pot? Will the cocks ever become best buds? Stay tuned next week on “The Lucy Show”!!!
    Sounds like a real circus there. Hopefully the boys will make their peace, and all will be well in the hen house!

  3. I love the colors of the eggs! So pretty and worth all the rooster trouble, I’m sure!Hopefully they’ve decide to be friends!

  4. If I could only stop laughing! Who knew that a few chicks would grow up to give your life some comic relief? Dr. Phyllis may be able to give you some good advice!

  5. As the son of a chicken farmer in Idaho many years ago, my parents had the answer to the rooster in-fighting problem. Young roosters were good “fryers” as they were called them, so it was off to the chopping block, and on to the frying pan and a delicious dinner of fried chicken. This would occur until only the necessary number of roosters remained with the flock. I don’t mean to suggest this for you,since your chickens are considered to be pets, but it was just a thought.

  6. Pretty eggs!

  7. The roosters need to sort out the “pecking order”. My husband worked for pocket money at a chicken farm when he was a kid and apparently the roosters would live fairly happily together once they had sorted things out. Though I suppose you have to be careful to prevent them killing each other.

  8. Hope the roosters soon sort themselves out. Sounds funny to read about but I’m sure it’s quite stressful for you. That little egg is very cute.

  9. wow blue egg!! i’ve never seen one that before.

  10. Yay for blue eggs!

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