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Eastertree1So, Saturday was my birthday, and I decided that I would just do whatever I felt like the entire weekend. So there were spurts of fun and busy-ness and spurts of lazing around. A friend gave me some little wooden egg ornaments, so I made an Easter Tree. I picked up some branches from the yard and gave them a little coat of Spring green paint, and glued silk blossoms all over. I added a few other Easter-y things that I had and I think it’s a pretty little tree. I may try to add a few more ornaments. I just love that little feather chick.

I got my geek on for a few hours, playing on the computer with the husband. Then we went and got the best sandwiches at the deli and had ourselves a little picnic at one of my favorite places.

I spent a couple peaceful hours on the porch, watching a favorite movie on my laptop while eating an ice cream sandwich. I really need to get a daybed to put out there, for the ultimate in laziness. Eastertree2

We paid a visit to the feed store, where the husband looked at goslings and contemplated putting in an order for three. I’m not too sure about this addition to the farm, but he really wants some. Oh dear.

We also had a delicious dinner of seared ahi tuna with wasabi cream sauce and a tiramisu cake for dessert.

I made a little more headway on my list, and cleared up the last of the scrap wood pile. There is still the fallen down fence to contend with, but I’ll just have to tackle that a little bit at a time. We moved some railroad ties over to where the wood pile was, to create an edging for a little planting bed on the edge of the future patio.Eastertree3_2 The chickens hung out with me while I gardened, which was great, at first, as they scratched and pecked and turned the dirt and grow mulch for me, so I didn’t have to do it. I rewarded them with all the worms I found as I dug holes to plant a dozen creeping rosemary plants. It wasn’t so great later, after I finished planting and laid down some wood chip mulch, when they went back and scratched it all up looking for more worms, and nibbling on the rosemary.

Speaking of chickens, one of the Ruby’s has gone broody. For the non-chicken people out there, that means she wants to hatch some eggs, and has planted herself in a nesting box, hoping for some baby chicks. Ifirst noticed that she was sleeping in the box one night last week when I closed the coop. I thought it was odd, but figured she just wanted to get away from everyone else on the roost. But she planted herself in there all weekend and wouldn’t budge. I kept taking her out and carrying her to different places, giving her little treats to eat, but she keeps going back. I’m starting to get a little worried. I collect all the eggs, every day, and even moved the golf balls (we put them in the nesting boxes so the girls will know to go in there and lay rather than outside the coop. Eastertree4They just think they’re other eggs.) out of that particular box. She’s still sitting in there, even though she’s not actually sitting on any thing. I think the next thing I try is to put an ice cube underneath her. It doesn’t sound too nice, but if she doesn’t stop, she could get really weak and sick. Broody hens only leave their nest once a day to eat and drink and poop. Silly girl! I must have taken her out of the box about a dozen times this weekend. She’s in the favorite box, too, so the other hens put up a fuss when they go in to lay. Any chicken experts out there have any suggestions?

We finished off birthday weekend last night with ribs and corn on the cob for dinner while watching a recorded episode of Battlestar Galactica, followed by a couple Advil for the aching muscles from the woodpile clearing, and a good night’s sleep :o)


  1. I already told you happy birthday, but I guess it’s only appropriate to tell you again since this is the official birthday post. So, happy birthday. You are so lucky that it fell on a Saturday this year so you could really enjoy it. Sounds like it was very fun and relaxing.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend!
    I’m afraid I have no chicken advice, we’ve never had one go broody like that. Silly chicken!

  3. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Happy belated! No, I have NO idea what to do about the Ruby. I do have one of my Aracanas that spends a lot of time in one of the boxes sitting on nothing, but she gets out and runs thru the yard with the others so she is not broody. Have you checked the books?

  5. This is soooo beautiful! I love it! Just stumbled upon your darling blog!

  6. Perhaps you might ask your aunt Phyllis about the brooding hen. She is the best chicken expert that I know of.

  7. Happy Birthday you!! Your days sounds perfect and your tree looks fantastic. I hung my Easter eggs in my lamp this year – just because I’m too lazy to decorate a tree ;o)

  8. Happy Birthday to you, sounds like you had a great weekend. Your Easter tree is soo very pretty, I think the chick is the same as I got from Pier? So sweet.
    I wanted a couple of geese as they make great gaurd dogs but Suart said they would ruin the garden and foul the pond, well actually he said NO, NO, NO!But I know he likes goose eggs so who knows maybe oneday.
    Re broody hen, sounds like you are doing everthing right, that is what we always used to do with the Bantams but there is a forum over at
    which I’ve been told is very helpful with problems.

  9. Happy belated Birthday. Your favorite place is also one of my favorite places. Have not been there this year though, but plan on doing so this month. Love your Easter tree.

  10. Just added your favorite movie to my ever growing list. Have you seen Il Postino? Love it…

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