how do you like them apples?

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Growing up you could get red apples and green apples at the grocery store. We always had red delicious apples, oranges or bananas in our lunches and in the fruit bowl. I was never really a fan of that fruit trifecta. I’ve long thought of myself as a vegetable person, but with my determination to eat healthier this year, I decided to eat more fruit. You can probably guess what happened. I now love fruit, and regularly get cravings for it. Now that there are more varieties of apples to choose from, I find myself eating them more and more often. I think the apple love really started when I began thinly slicing apple quarters to feed Sally and the chickens (and the dogs, who think they should get everything the chickens get), and would eat a slice or two while handing them out to the poultry frenzy. Fujis are my absolute favorite, and they seem to be tasting even better now that apple season is in full swing.


I’ve also never been a huge pie fan. When it comes to desserts I’m more of an ice cream and cookies kind of girl. Cake is good too, but pie is a little more risky, what with the crust, which can be too doughy or too burnt, or too soggy. And then the filling-too sweet, too runny, too sour. There are just a lot of variables that all have to work together, and if one falls short, the whole thing is ruined. Of course I can never say never, I mean Thanksgiving would just be off without pumpkin pie, but that’s just once a year. And then I also just saw this. Sour Cream Apple Pie, it’s just too tempting, isn’t it? Well, it was too much for me, so I made it yesterday.


Making a pie is a lot of work, but this was worth every bit of it.


I think you should go make one now, because this one is almost gone.


I made a very small bit of progress on pincushions and chicks, but I spent most of the weekend cleaning junk out of  my workshop/guesthouse/studio/sewing room. I need to decide what to call it and stick to one name for it. Anyway, I’m trying to do the Fall Apartment Therapy Cure on my room, so I’ll have a functional, useful space. I can work out there now, but it does require frequent moving of piles and leaning at precarious angles to reach things. Also, the previous owners got creative with paint, and the walls are a patchwork of really bad colors, so I’m also planning to finally, finally paint over all of it. If you’re interested in following my progress, I have a set of pictures on flickr. Of course there are just before pictures so far, and they are actually quite old, but you’ll get the idea. They’re so ugly I don’t want to post them on my blog. I made a style tray with a few ideas for the finished space:


I’m planning on painting it all white, and then adding bits of bright color. I think it will be a nice place to work.

My legs are killing me from all the bending and crouching, specifically the muscles up the backs of my thighs. I need to find out what exercises to do for those muscles. The last five weeks at work our department has done a stair challange-no riding the elevator at all! I may have gotten a little competitive at the end, when I did 100 flights of stairs on the last day. So I thought my legs were pretty strong, but apparently stair-climbing does not work the back of the thigh.  I guess stretching exercises should be done before any extreme cleaning.


  1. Haha! Who knew cleaning could be such a work out! I always notice that after we have house guest leave my legs are sore- from all that frantic cleaning and running up and down stairs. Our house is still on the market which is good, because I am shamed regularly into cleaning on short notice. I saw that pie recipe too by the way and thought it looked incredible- I think I will have to make it today- hey, it does have apples in it… I really like the photos of ideas for your new room. I have been thinking of painting my daughter’s room white and letting all her colors in there stand out- it’s hard to commit to a color in her room with all the riot of color. I keep looking at photos of homes in Amsterdam latley and I love all the white- it makes the colors pop and it’s easy to make the room calm too. I think it will be pretty. Check out those Pommes magazines- one of the blogs has bunches of photos from a variety of rooms.

  2. Holy cow – 100 flights of stairs?! Where you just going up and down the stairwell all day? That just doesn’t sound very fun. Did you at least win a prize of some sort?
    I think your styletray has lots of neat ideas for your guesthouse.

  3. So ica’s pie is really good? Excellent because I’m going to have a lot of apples!

  4. Of course that was supposed to say Alicia’s pie …

  5. The pie looks yummy.

  6. Great post. I think I will make a pie this week too!

  7. I love the freshness and crispness of apples, and those photos really highlight those two things! Well done.
    (And that pie looks DELICIOUS!)

  8. Made an apple pie myself yesterday. Great minds think alike! LOL

  9. I’m having an affair with Mr. HoneyCrisp at the moment. Shhhsh, don’t tell Mr. WineSap!
    How are you doing? Have you seen the finale of Project Runway? I have two episodes of House of Eliott left, and I’m knee deep into the “how to make hats” segment of my life. It fits well with the “how to make journals” segment too. (I’ll comment your last blog too. Journals are HUGE in my life.)
    Oh and i know you’re the oldest (and the smartest), but the muscles on back of thighs are your hamstrings, and when you over develop your quads, which are on the front of your thighs, by climbing stairs for example, you run the risk of pulling, tearing, or otherwise damaging your hammies. It’s called unbalanced muscle toning in the weight lifting world. For heavens sake, take care of yourself. 🙂

  10. Hey Lucy! You ok? I haven’t heard anything new in blogland and I was just sort of worried about you (my blog friend who I have never met). Just checking in… Hope all’s well. Maybe those stairs got ya? They surely would have set me back for awhile. 🙂

  11. ha ha achey bits, I’m like that after a day of gardening I’m rubbish at taking a break when I see those weeds I have to get them! Cleaning , hmmm yes have to do that today or shall I make some felt beads…choice choices

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