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Posted by on August 21, 2006 in craft | 4 comments

I guess we can call this a lower-case grand opening. I’ve listed a few things on etsy, and have a little more to add and a couple other items underway and to be added over the next week or two. Please visit the shop here. I may try to take some new pictures of my glittery letters I’ll be selling, they didn’t come out very well. They really are much cuter in real life (and at only $6, which includes domestic shipping, quite a bargain :o):
I made lots of these last Christmas and used them as gift tags. I don’t know if anyone is still enjoying their gifts, but absolutely all of my gift recipients have their initials displayed somewhere, and they look at them every day.

One project that I finished up, but that is not for sale is this:
It’s a little craft/garden apron form my niece, so she can keep her tools and seed packets handy if she helps her mom in the garden. I’m working on one for her mom too. I think I like it, it’s hard to know if it’s really as cute as it could be without being able to put it on her. I hope she likes it.


  1. I’m still enjoying my glittery Y!! Do you remember you also sent me a glittery snowman head cup? I have that in my utility room all year round, I love it so much. We should do a Christmas swap again this year – let’s make it a tradition!! And congrats on opening the shop … that apron is too cute!!!

  2. hey lucy- I found your blog and I love it- love your small quilt on your shop, love how you have your family listed off to the side 🙂 love your Kirsten Nicholas pillows (she is one of my favorites), love your airplane stitchery 🙂 We are kindred spirits. I have a new blog I just started- and a new one that I will start soon, too- with crafts, joys, delight, family stuff- retro nona. Keep up the pretty happy work, (I sent this to your email and it got bounced back)

  3. I love my glitter N tag from last xmas, it is hanging from my office shelf.Congratulations on your Etsy shop..sell sell sell
    Cheers Naz

  4. I’m here to tell you that the apron is very cute and will look even cuter on your niece. 😀

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