ginger pear upside-down cake

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I had some of these, and so I made this:

And it was just as good as you might imagine a ginger pear upside-down cake would be.

I used the recipe I found at this link, and I will be making it again, for sure.

This cake is the sum total of my accomplishments for this week, including the weekend. Actually, I made a very delicious dinner on Saturday night. I took pictures and everything. Sadly, I will never be able to make that meal again, nor will I be able to share those pictures, because just an hour or two after eating my dinner, I became suddenly, horrendously nauseous and then I threw it all  up. And then I threw up every hour for the next seven hours. And spent the entire next day laying pitifully on the couch, with painfully aching joints. I managed to sit up now and then and sip some Pedialyte and gnaw on some toast, and then lay down again to shiver uncontrollably under my blanket.

That sure was a fun weekend. It wasn't until Wednesday that I managed to feel somewhat normal again. I don't know if it was food poisoning or the flu. Either way, Mr. Heylucy got very lucky, because he works some odd hours and was sleeping when I made my dinner, so I had planned to make his when he woke up. Once I realized how sick I was I made him throw the rest out, and he was fine.

So sorry my blog has been so boring this week, I had to take a few sick days. But that cake sure was good.



  1. Oooooooo yum yum yum yum yum yum YUM! Looks delicious.

  2. I am so sorry you were sick!! I hate when a perfectly lovely meal is forever ruined by the flu or some other malady! It took me several years to be able to make stew again, and even now I cannot make a stew, especially one with squash in it, without having to mentally coach myself through it.
    And that is one fantastic looking cake!

  3. So sorry. Digestive anguish is the worst kind of illness because you can’t even bring yourself to read.

  4. oh the days before diabetes, that looks delicious.

  5. Sorry you threw the cake away. It looked delicious.
    It was not the cause of your illness. Vomiting from food poisoning kicks in at minimum 24 hours after ingestion. Some food poisoning bugs take considerably longer though.

  6. Poor girlie. But your cake looks so scrumptious. Glad you’re feeling better. I must say I’m kinda dying to know what you made/ate. Twisted curiosity, I guess. 🙂 Lucky break for Mr. heylucy that he dodged that dinner! Love your darling blog!

  7. You poor girl! Sorry to hear you have been so sick. Man, I would much rather give birth than to ever have to throw up again- just not my thing. Ok, the cake though- it did look yummy. Hope you are feeling better and maybe you won’t get any of those stomach bugs for the next 10 years or something!

  8. HA! I mean, YIKES! How did I not notice the barf parts? Must be a testament to the deliciousness of that cake…?

  9. Oh, goodness. Sounds like you had norovirus – the aching joints was the tipoff. I had it last Christmas and it landed me in the hospital!
    Here’s hoping neither one of us ever gets it again. Because we’ve paid our dues already!

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