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No, I'm not trying to imply that I think I am a fox in my socks, that was just my favorite Dr. Suess book that I never owned. I remember checking it out of the elementary school library multiple times, along with a book of jokes and an origami book. It was so popular that you had to get on the waiting list to check it out.


I actually forgot that I had this tasty yarn, hand dyed by Yarnchef. I'm trying not to have a yarn stash, so I figured I'd better cast on a new pair of socks, and use it up. I'm knitting the Go with the Flow socks from Favorite Socks, but I think the pattern might be too busy for the yarn. It's a lacy rib, but maybe I should just do a plain ribbed sock to show off the beautiful colors. What do you think?


I was playing with my macro filters again.
They are kind of fun, and much less expensive than buying an actual macro lens. Here's the exact one I bought:

Digital Concepts +1 +2 +4 +10 Close-Up Macro Filter Set with Pouch (52mm)

If you happen to order it by using that link, I think I'll get a little kickback. I haven't tried this Amazon Associates thing before, so I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens.

I also did a little Fall decorating this week. Please note Petey perched on the windowsill. He ate my orchids from last week. I'd like to see him try to mess with my pumpkins.


I got my first ever unfriendly comment today. At least I think it was unfriendly, because it was in ALL CAPS and the commenter seemed to be accusing me of hypocrisy because I have chickens, and I eat chicken, but I only eat chickens I don't know and that are killed by someone else. Interesting. I might delete it, but I might leave it there, just so I can feel like a real blogger, stirring up controversy.


  1. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for those macro filters – macro lenses aren’t likely to be an option around here for a while. Um, I don’t know about the socks – I’d probably lean towards the plain rib, but my taste usually veers towards the boring end of the spectrum anyway. I’m still bewildered that people will knit them, but that’s mainly because of the swearing involved in trying to work out a Christmas stocking pattern last year and the fact that it’s too darn hot for socks around here…
    As for chickens, it seems rather impolite to befriend a chicken, then serve it up on a platter.

  2. That filter set is really reasonable! I may check into those after this next statement finds it’s way to my house. I like the socks, but yeah maybe a bit busy- hard to tell. Ok, had to check for the capitals comment on eating the birds- couldn’t find it though- darn. My mom’s family all had farms in Indiana and they raised lots of chickens- some were pets and some were to eat. If I had any chickens, I couldn’t kill them,but if I was starving and it was me or them- well….. I’m practically a vegetarian (maybe eat chicken once a month), but I hadn’t noticed you referring to much chicken eating- certainly not from your own coup. Stir the pot!

  3. I’ve gotten emails from animal “rights” people too – I’ve even been accused of not taking good care of Candy – and you know what a happy bunny she is. I am always amazed that people who talk about kindness are so vitriolic in their communications.
    As far as those socks go- doesn’t matter what you make with them, the colors are so amazing that whatever you do will be wonderful.

  4. I guess I’m a real criminal, we’ve grown our own chickens, pigs and cows and ate them all. They were quite yummy. Our home grown chickens tasted SO much better than the ones from the store, now that we’re older & don’t want to mess with growing our own critters we buy them from an Amish store that doesn’t feed the animals all the hormones & junk. I’m not sure what Chicken Person hoped to accomplish, I seriously doubt someone is going to quit eating meat because somebody leaves a grumpy comment on their blog.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, I’m borrowing my daughter’s computer while mine is being repaired & she had you in her favorites list, it turns out that we have the same taste in blogs!

  5. *snort* *chuckle*
    C’est la vie! I guess it’s good that you’ve got readers, but it’s never any fun to get grouchy comments. There’s always a diplomatic way of bringing up a point. It’s good to see you have your sense of humour intact 😉

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