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It’s kind of crazy here, with all the fires, so I just wanted to post this link to a map that shows pretty much what’s going on. As you can see, Pine Valley is still in the clear. It shows that the highway is closed, but it’s not any more, so I drove into work today. We’re safe, the chickens are safe, the geese are cranky. Edwin tried to attack me this morning, the little punk, but I’m going to give him a break this time, because the wind is making me a little crazy too. Also, Bear was sitting next to me when the near-attack happened, and he barked at Edwin, and put him in his place.

The winds are starting to die down, but a couple of our trees were damaged, and the port-a-potty was blown over about 6 feet, but luckily didn’t tip over. I know you all were worried about that :o) Spanky’s came this morning and picked it up, and man was I happy to see the last of that thing.

Please say a little prayer for those that have been evacuated, and the more than 1,200 families that have lost their homes so far. I’m so grateful that we haven’t had to evacuate this time, but my heart goes out to those that have had to leave their homes, I know how they are feeling right now, and I wouldn’t wish that kind of horror and stress on anyone.


  1. So glad to hear that you – and Spanky – are ok. I had been watching the news and wondering if you were.
    Thank you so much for the parcel with the pamphlets, papers and bone folder in. They are gorgeous. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. I’m glad you’re in the clear. We are surrounded by smoke but haven’t had any fires yet. Thanks goodness. I hope these winds die down soon.

  3. How awful it is. Glad you are ok.

  4. phew. If the Spanky had tipped over that could have been almost as disastrous as your home being threatened by the fires! I’m glad to hear that neither such catastrophe occurred. I think you guys should move up to Idaho. I’m getting a little tired of this happening to you guys every year, aren’t you?

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