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One of my big goals for the weekend was to finish all the laundry and put it away. I don’t mind laundry, and there’s only two of us, so it’s not like there’s even that much to do, but somehow I always get caught on that last step, you know, the actual putting away of the clean clothes. I wonder what that says about me. Nothing flattering, I think. Honestly, right now I’m pooping out and I don’t think the clothes are going to be folded tonight, much less put away, but I did finish a lot of other things, so I’m not going to feel too bad about it. Actually, I mopped the kitchen floor on Saturday, so I’m not going to worry about the laundry at all. Mopping earns you a break from laundry, doesn’t it?

As I mentioned before, my Spring Forward socks were easily finished on Saturday. I’m finally getting the hang of the elusive kitchener stitch. The toes on these aren’t perfect, but they’re the best I’ve done so far.


I did go up a needle size, from one to two, so they would fit my big feet. I could tell within a couple inches of knitting on the ones that they wouldn’t fit, so it was simple enough to undo and start over.

I’ve also been working away at some items for the shop, and finally got a few done and listed. I’m having a little crisis of confidence. All week I’ve been thinking of all these great ideas, sketching, making lists and just planning and scheming, but when it comes down to actually adding a listing to etsy I get all nervous and doubtful of my once great ideas. This isn’t a pity post, fishing for compliments sort of thing, because I think the only thing that will reassure me are actual sales with positive feedback. Blergh. Okay, I will just act brave and confident, and keep plugging away here in the Hey Lucy workshop. If nothing else, I’m really enjoying myself, going from one activity to the next. A little bookbinding here, a little sewing there, a little drawing and stenciling, and even knitting a tiny hat for a tiny chick.


He’s in the shop, all by his lonesome, except for these pincushions, but now that I’ve worked out the pattern, I’ll be making a few more. I think. Or maybe not, maybe no one will like him and I should just go back to the drawing board.



  1. Make more of the pincushions! I am so sure you’ll sell them all in your shop! They’re lovely and now that holiday gifts are coming you’ll have a blast selling them!

  2. I think that chick is pretty darn cute. I bet they would sell especially well in the spring and at Easter.

  3. I really wanted that little chic- hint, hint, make more! The post above me mentioned Easter and I agree, that would be a hit for the season. Ok, I love the little pin cushion and I snagged one for my “traveling crafty kit” that I take to the other side of the world for soccer practices each week. Now, mind you, I have yet to make anything while at these said soccer practices, but maybe your little cushion will inspire me. Also, I love that photoshop sisters deal- never noticed it until today. Have to check it out more- the photo from Italy gave me some cool ideas for Christmas card pic of the kids…. Thanx for being so fun!

  4. Almost forgot- the socks turned out great! I am definitely starting out with a scarf though- haha!

  5. I love the chick, as does Mimi. When she saw what I was looking at she said, “I would like to buy that Mom.” She didn’t know it was you, and she also wants to name her Petunia. And I think the pin cushion will make a wonderful stocking stuffer 🙂

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