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I've got fashion on my mind this week, what with Project Runway, New York Fashion Week, and my recent viewing of The September Issue (Grace Coddington is a genius! The spreads she styles are beautiful.) all happening recently. As I slowly become less blobby and more nicely shaped, I also find that I want to wear pretty things again. Couture is never going to fit into my lifestyle, but I am starting to sew for myself a little bit here and there after a long absence from my sewing machine. I've also been saving images to a fashion inspiration board on my Pinterest. I thought I'd do a post now and then where I imagine how I could take these images and let them inspire me to make them a reality. I may or may not follow through on these, but just searching out fabrics and patterns and imagining how I could wear something is fueling my creative fire. 

Here's what I love this week:

If there was enough of this fabric available, I could make it using this pattern, with minor modifications. 


I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for vintage kimono fabrics. I love how pretty and fresh and a little dramatic this is!


  1. We must be riding the same wavelength. Although I don’t fancy ebay, I’ve been searching for kimono fabric and wanting some asian folkwear patterns, and basically ditto everything you said. Finally I found Chopa and love love love having my morning tea wearing my Hanu Garden Kimono.

  2. I bet that is so comfortable and pretty too! Now I think I need a kimono robe as well 🙂 

  3. Ooo, thank you for this post. I love the little jacket in the inspiration photo. I think I’d choose pattern 112 (the field clothing). It wouldn’t give the same result, but it’s still super-cute. I think double gauze might be nice a snuggly version.

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