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Oh sure, I planned out all my spring and summer (and probably fall and winter, if I’m honest) knitting, and Quince and Co releases a collection of patterns for their linen yarn. I love linen. I especially like the little apron-like top. It’s fun and different, and I have a thing for linen and aprons.


In fact,  I have a pinafore from Rough Linen and I love it so much. I wear it all weekend no matter what I’m doing-yard work, cooking, cleaning. It’s the best thing ever. I have the natural linen color, but I think I might save up for a black one too. And then I’ll wear it everywhere, and pretend it’s a tunic top and not an apron at all.


I also love this linen dress (found via Miss Moss). I might need to make myself something similar. I could wear a dress like that every day and be happy about it.


Next time I’ll have a post about something I actually made, instead of talking about things I want to make.


  1. LOVE the black dress. I could wear that every day and be happy, too.

  2. One of my friends absolutely adores working with linen fabric. She told me about Fabric-store.com, which sells almost exclusively linen fabric and really great prices. I have some points stored up, and I really ought to finish buying fabric for curtains, so I can make them. I’ve had fabric for *cough*years*cough*. My husband is kinda losing hope I’m ever going to make them. 😉

  3. Sorry, that’s “fabrics-store.com”

  4. I love linen yarn too. Some of those new patterns are nice. I don’t think I could pull off the apron though. And I’m coveting that black dress.

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