1. Nice pic! Congrats on the iPhone, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  2. Oh man, I have to wait three more years for mine! Congrats on eleven, now that’s somethin.

  3. I’m already hooked. I hope I never have to give it up!

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  4. How cool ! Tell us your favorite apps when you get really rolling. Quilts? Do they have an app for that? *grin*
    Happy 11 th too!!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary : ) I was wondering what the 10th was this morning as it is looming but if an iphone is the 11th then obviously the 10th is the 24inch desktop.Yay!!! I am so happy.Better let him know……..x

  6. Oh man, that means I shoulda got mine a LOOOONNNGGG time ago!
    Great gift!! Blogging at the beach? Be still my heart.
    Happy Anniversary!

  7. Oooh I got one the other day too! They are amazing aren’t they 🙂

  8. Ps. Happy Anniversary too, I got so over excited about the iPhone that I forgot to say that ;D

  9. Happy Anniversary!! What a fantastic gift!

  10. I actually did find a quilt app that will calculate the yardage you need for backing and binding, which is great. Usually when I’m in a quilt shop I’m so ovrwhelmed by that new fabric smell, so I can’t think staight enough to to complicated math 🙂
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  11. I think you’re right, I’m sorry I wasn’t paying better attention last year, so I missed out on that.
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  12. I think it’s retroactive, so go ahead and get one on you next anniversary 😉
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  13. Awesome gift!! I just got my son’s old one to use and I love it already. It has a few cracks in the glass front and a few little dents, but it works and I even had him “jailbreak” it so I am with T mobile still. It’s incredible all the apps they have for it- a little overwhelming…. Happy Anniversary- ours is the end of September (our 17th!!)- I think it’s the anniversary of moving back to Cali!! 🙂 We stayed in LA for our visit and had the best time. We drove down to San Clemente to visit a few friends and the time just flew by way too quickly for me. The beach was awesome- Zuma and T Street!!!

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