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Posted by on September 25, 2008 in craft | 7 comments

I caught a little bit of a cold this week. Nothing terrible just a sore throat and stuffy head. Of course, soup sounded pretty good, so I stopped at our regular Vietnamese Pho restaurant for some pho tai and Vietnamese egg rolls. I think the restaurant has changed owners, I didn’t recognize anyone working there, and the customer service was sorely lacking. Then, as the man behind the counter was bagging up my order, he put a tray of fresh rolls on top. When I asked them why he was putting those with my order, he told me they were what I ordered, Vietnamese fresh rolls. Um, no, I told him, I ordered egg rolls. Well, he said, egg rolls cost two dollars more, so did I still want egg rolls? Pfft. I was tired, and sick, and hungry and didn’t have any cash on me and didn’t want to charge two dollars for egg rolls, WHICH I ORDERED. So I went home, still happy with the thought that at least had my soup.

Pulling everything out the bags, once I got home I realized that there was no puffy plastic bag with bean sprouts and basil and limes. Boo! And they were stingy with the hoisin and chili sauce. I’m very particular about my pho, and this place has always done it right before, but after today I’m afraid I’m going to have to find another place. Anyone in San Diego know of a good place for pho in East County? Sigh. Life is hard sometimes.

I’m not going to dwell on my tragic problems any more tonight, however. I’m working on some things for the shop. Here’s a little peek:

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled out my bookbinding supplies, and I’ve been enjoying tearing up big sheets of paper to fit some old book covers.

I’ve also found a new favorite sock pattern, and will definitely have a finished pair of socks to show off by Saturday morning. I can’t believe how fast these guys are knitting up. If you’re looking for a quick sock knit, I highly recommend knitting yourself a pair of Spring Forward socks!                                  


  1. Oh my goodness, you do book making or book binding or wow! That’s my new favorite thing and I’ve order every book from the library on the how to. Have you a favorite? I wish I lived next door to you (well, within a few miles) and then we could share the best soups too. I think a Thai hot spice soup can cure a cold.

  2. Sorry about the food- that is a real drag when you are sick. The soup looked really good though, at least it photographed well. Ok, those socks are really cute, but there is no way I could make them. I have been looking for a book on knitting because I can’t find anywhere around here to learn with real live people. Do you know of any books to recommend on learning? Now I am in the mood for Thai food- hmm, only quarter till 9:00 am here…. Feel better! I am a believer in Oscilliococinum (not sure of the exact spelling on that one), it always works for me.

  3. here’s my cure for head colds. anything with the following:
    lemon, lime, chili, hot sauce, black pepper, vinegar.
    Sounds like you were trying to do the right thing.
    Do you have yelp? in your area? That’s a great site for looking up specific food places in your local neighborhood.
    Feel better. There’s always nyquil!

  4. That soup looks FANTASTIC!

  5. Let’s hear it for Pho! In our town, it’s my favourite comfort food. Rich broth, noodles and spicy peppers…mmmm…mmm…good 🙂

  6. Let’s hear it for Pho! In our town, it’s my favourite comfort food. Rich broth, noodles and spicy peppers…mmmm…mmm…good 🙂

  7. pho is one of my most favorite things to eat – ever!
    i’m sorry it was such a disappointment, you can’t have pho without that bag of fresh herbs/vegies!

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