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I sat down tonight, and instead of knitting on the most boring throw blanket ever (which is, thankfully past the halfway point), I figured out how to add books and cd’s to that right column over there. Pretty nifty! Okay, so it wasn’t that hard, it just took a little time. I wonder if there is a way to archive my book list? hmmm. I will have to investigate. I try to write down all the books I read, but I keep forgetting. It’s a nice record to have. The cd’s will simply be whatever is in my car cd changer, and so you can see what a geek I really am. I’m not always a geek, sometimes I listen to cool stuff, but mostly I’m a geek.

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  1. yeah, I think the bottom would have been perfect had it been done on needles one size smaller. Mine has gotten alright, but its still a tiny bit too big. I’m making another one hahahhahha. I’m such a dork, but you’ve inspired me to use brighter colors!

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