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Sally, without the white balance set to Incandescent. Much better, I think.

Here’s kind of a gross story. The chickens love grapes. LOVE. Sally has always been more partial to the thinly sliced apples I feed them. This Summer, however, she has discovered that yes, grapes are quite delicious. I try to tear them in half for her, but sometimes she gets so impatient, she just grabs them out of my hand. And then she swallows them  whole, one after another. And you can actually see them, the little round lumps, moving down her long neck. It creeps me out, yet I cannot look away. Sometimes I even just feed her the whole grapes so I can watch her swallow.


  1. Hi. Just catching up on the last few posts.
    I really like the birdcage blue. It looks stunning.
    You and I have read a lot of the same books too.
    I have just read ‘the Book Thief’ during my recent holiday. Sobbed my way throught the last chapter. I thought it was a great book.
    Our chooks love grapes too. They can’t get enough of them.
    Sally looks like a force to be reckoned with!

  2. Much better on the white balance.
    You can also see the lump outline of large bites go down the throats of people with big adam’s apples. 😉
    That is so gross. Somebody stop me.

  3. You’re one sick puppy.
    Nice profile shot of Sally.:-) You should frame it and put it on your wall.

  4. I used to have geese like your Sally. I loved to watch them swim on the pond! Does she weed your garden too?

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