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I have some more colorful things to share, which is especially good because it's dark and gloomy out around here today, and that means my drive to work is probably going to be excessively long. We Californians tend to come  a little un-glued when it rains. Once there was a huge, unexpected rainstorm on a Friday afternoon and it took me three hours to get home. Not even kidding. That was like two years ago and I still remember the horror. But that's another story for another day.

Do you have a uniform? You know, not an actual uniform, but a set of clothes you regularly wear with interchangeable components? Mine is jeans, t-shirt, cardigan sweater, flats. I try to keep it from getting boring by doing interesting things to my t-shirts, and buying things like green pants and cute flats. I wonder if I should be embarrassed by the number of cardigans in my closet. It's like I'm channeling Mr. Rogers. Anyway, back to today's colors!

I didn't realize that I needed yellow shoes until I saw these at Target, but I think they are going to turn out to be this Fall's must-have accessory. Thank you Target for now carrying shoes in size 11 for my ski's-for-feet! Stinkin' cute, right? I didn't get the little ankle strap in the pictures, but you can see the little heels below.


I am modeling them with my new $15 Old Navy grey cords. I had to give up on the idea of winning that weight-loss competition. That was a stupid idea for me to join a weight-loss competition with a bunch of guys. So, since there was no chance I would be taking home any prize money, I've obviously been pants shopping. And it it nice to be able to walk around without constantly tugging at my waist band to pull my pants up. Plus, you know, you can look pretty cute for not a lot of money, I'm discovering.


Another Target find that I am enjoying:


I generally hesitate to decorate with mass-produced 'art', but I just really love this tray, and the colors were perfect for my living room. Plus it is functional, I can always take it down and actually use it as a tray. Trays are good things to have around.

I'm knitting more socks, pink this time! This is my first time using Knit Picks Essential Sock yarn. I wasn't too sure I would like it, it's so inexpensive and I am partial to Lorna's Laces, but I think it's a nice yarn for the price. Sure, it's not hand-dyed, but I bought a few colors, and they're all pretty nice. Sometimes you just want a good, solid color, you know? And it's washable, and quite soft, so as long as I'm on this sock knitting bender, I'll keep using it. Has anyone knit socks with it? I'm curious how well it wears.


And I'll leave you with not color, but a black and white cat and a short list:

  1. I watched Lars and the Real Girl this weekend. It was so sweet.
  2. I can't stop playing Zilch. Don't click that link, I'm warning you, you'll start playing and won't be able to stop.
  3. For my fellow Americans, take this quiz and see how much you know about our history and government. I'm embarrassed that the average is so low. We need to know this stuff, people! Politics is beyond the scope of this blog, but I think it's important to know this stuff (I was in the 80% range, if you were wondering, and I think I should have done better). 
  4. You would never know that 10 minutes before the picture below was taken there was a black and white blur flying from one corner of the house to another, bouncing off window sills and jumping on the kitchen counter, which is absolutely NOT ALLOWED in our house. It is against the rules, I tell you!



  1. I can so see you trying unsuccessfully to get those cats to “obey” the rules. They’re too cute when they’re running around.
    Mr. P recently got his little booklet to study for the history questions to become a U.S. citizen and he was asking me some questions and it was pretty pathetic how little I knew. I remember actually loving the government class that I took senior year in high school, but I think I have since forgot everything I learned.

  2. I don’t know where you are in CA but when I lived in Santa Rosa my husband commuted to Sausalito and even though it rains plenty in the winters in Northern CA it’s true that it still seemed to pose an incredible problem for drivers and I remember some evenings when it took him three hours to get home instead of one.
    The walls in your house look deliciously colorful and I am envious!

  3. Those flats are too cute! I love the orange and grey combo. I wear those colors a lot, usually with navy blue and kelly green sprinkled in.
    And I totally have a uniform. It’s usually skirt, tights, boots + cotton shirt, cardigan. I, too, have a ton of cardigans!

  4. Super cute shoes!
    We recently adopted two older cats, and they are amazing. NO running around and destroying things! They just act cuddly all day! And they love me.
    And yeah, I pretty much have the same uniform as you: jeans, tshirt, cardigan, flats.

  5. *Gets in car and drives to Target immediately…*

  6. Your uniform sounds a lot like mine if you swap the jeans for black trousers and add a scarf. Those shoes are so pretty! I love the frill.

  7. Ok, I didn’t realize that I really need a pair of yellow shoes till now! Those are too cute! I really like the tray too and I don’t usually like the mass production stuff either. We need some new trays at our house, my kids use them a lot and they seem to get abused by someone- we don’t know who because it’s neither one of my children.haha! Um, yes I have a uniform. I wear jeans everyday with t shirts (I am so formal) and my shoe selection is really sad. In the winter, I have Uggs or little thin sneakers and in the summer, well, I have a million pair of sandals. The only problem here for me is that the winter/cold months are about half the year. I can’t find any shoes I like with closed toes. I also go through this deal where I want to wear plain white long sleeved tshirts, I think I need more sunshine? I may be rebelling against their strange no white after Labor Day rule.So maybe the yellow shoes will help?

  8. Those shoes. They’re from Target you say? Damn cute! And they look SO great with grey cords.

  9. Mister Rogers was rad BECAUSE he wore cardigans.

  10. Oooo cute shoes! Very nice. I wonder if Target has them here “down under”. I’d love them in a nice sage green, too.
    The yummy pink socks are lovely, but one thing comes to mind when I see them, LEG WARMERS! They’d make magnificent leg warmers. Can you make the end like the top?

  11. Yes, jeans+t-shirt+cardigan+clogs. Sometimes hand-knit socks. That’s my uniform. In summer I wear linen pants+three-quarter sleeve t-shirt+thong sandals. Maybe we should start a club, since so many of us already have the uniform. 🙂

  12. I usually wear jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan too. I broke my foot and it healed wrong so now my right one is shorter and wider than my left and I have to wear special shoes. Ugh. I’m jealous of your cute flats. And, I got 75% on the quiz. I don’t know much about economics.

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