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I’ve been making things in my usual ADD fashion, a little of this and a little of that. I did some more needle felting:
I’ve been inspired by my chickens lately. I also have some Blythe clothes cut out and I’m watching some eBay auctions for Barbie clothes hangers. Christmas decorations are going up a bit at a time.

I need to finish a scarf by Thursday for a gift exchange at work. I’m a little nervous about the scarf, we drew names among most of the women in my department, and I don’t know the person I have at all. I really like giving handmade gifts, but I know that not everyone appreciates them. I think the scarf is going to be very pretty, but am I being selfish in doing what I like, rather than what I know the recipient likes? Because I really have no idea what she would like. I did a little asking around, but I didn’t get any really clear ideas for a gift. Maybe I need to post a picture of the scarf to get more honest opinions. I’ll do that tomorrow :o) I can always scrap the scarf idea and get a gift card or something, I just hate giving that sort of anonymous, all-purpose gift. Am I weird?

And, finally, the last member of my immediate family has started a blog. My third brother lives in Portland where he’s a Radiologist and has a beautiful wife and three of the cutest kids you ever saw in your life. I’m not just saying that because we’re related, really it’s quite amazing that I share any of the same genetics with all these good-looking people. 


  1. oh please! Who is the most talented, etc., etc. The oldest, cutest, most enchanting, thoughtful, smart, tender-hearted! Love you!!!

  2. Oh my – that little felted chick is the cutest!! You are amazing!

  3. I love the little pink chick. So so cute. I think the scarf idea is lovely. So much nicer than sending something anonymous like a gift card. I’m sure she’ll love it.

  4. Personally, I would take the scarf anyday, over a gift card…but that’s me!
    The pink chick is so darling! I want one!

  5. The chick is so cute, I need her for my Easter decorations! (Maybe I will find time to actually needlefelt before Easter? Seems doubtful…)

  6. Eeeeek! I absolutely need that chick! Will you make one for me?

  7. Perhaps you’ll consider writing a tutorial on needle felting a little bird? Please? It’s very cute…as is your snowman.

  8. You really have no idea how amazing you are, do you? Sheesh. What do we all have to do. This blog is utterly amazing and so glad you’re internet savvy. One of these days I’m going to go to your shop and have a heyday! Beware! LOL
    I’ll never get over missing you and wishing we lived much closer.
    Life is so busy, grrr…

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