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Cartolina and Cartolina Postale are two of the prettiest apps you can get for your iPhone. Both offer a way for you to send good wishes and greetings to friends and loved ones. With Cartolina, you can choose from three dozen different vintage collage designs, and you have just a few short lines to type your message. There are several holiday themed designs, including Christmas and Halloween, and plenty of choices that would be suitable for birthdays and even Valentine's Day. 


While there are some designs that are not too flowery, there are are just a few that I would consider masculine enough to send to the men in your life. 

Once you've selected your design and typed your message, you can send your card via email, text, facebook, or instagram. It's just $1.99 in the app store.

Cartolina - Cartolina

I've had the Cartolina app for awhile, and I think it's so, so pretty, but I seldom use it, because I'm just not one for sending virtual greetings. Problem solved with the Cartolina Postale app! Not only does this app make it possible to send actual postcard greetings to your friends, you get to add your own photo to your cards. 

Cartolina postale

Again, there are lots of different designs to choose from (thirty-two, to be exact), several with holiday themes. There are several more masculine designs as well, and even some fairly plain ones that will really make your own photo stand out. I think the designs are so well done and there really is something that will complement just about any image you might want to use.

Instead of just a couple lines of text, you have lots of space to write a heartfelt message that will be printed on the back of the postcard. You will have to create an account and add the addresses for the recipients, and they make it fairly simple. Postcards are printed and shipped by, so if you want to send lots of card, you can go there to import addresses from your email contacts. 

The app itself is free, and postcards are $1.99 each, to send any where in the U.S., and $2.99 for the rest of the world. At first I thought the price was a little high, but if you think about the cost of buying a card and then getting a stamp and mailing it, it's really quite reasonable. Plus, they are so customizable and unique! 

They recently had a free postcard day, so I sent myself one, just to see the quality.

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I'm really happy to recommend Cartolina Postale, my card arrived within about four days, and it's a nice, heavy cardstock. The photo side of the card has a glossy finish, and the photo quality is very good. I will definitely be sending these for birthdays and holidays!  

Cartolina Postale - Cartolina

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