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I have a book to give away here on the blog this week, and you can give away 20 books if you hurry! I'll tell you about mine last, because it's not as important or exciting as World Book Night! Have you heard about this? I should have mentioned it sooner, but I signed up at what I thought was the last minute and then didn't think about it again until I got an email the other day that I had been accepted and would get the opportunity to share twenty copies of a favorite book. 


So, what is this World Book Night thing, you may be asking? It started last year in the UK and has expanded to include the US and Ireland this year! It's a charity for the promotion of literacy and reading, which is very dear to my heart. Anyone in these three countries can apply to recieve twenty copies of a favorite book (you choose from a list of 30 very good books-I had to really think about which I wanted to share) to be given away in a location of your choosing-preferably to non-readers, on April 23. I chose Peace Like a River, which is that rare kind of book that stays with you for years and years. Narrated by a young boy whose voice has been compared to Scout Finch or  Huck Finn, it is the story of a family and a tragedy and miracles and goodness. I can't wait to share it!

Go apply right now, the deadline is Monday, February 6th at midnight EST. You don't have to write long essays for each question, just give succinct but thoughtful answers and I think you'll have a good chance at being accepted. At least that's what I did. 

Now for a little blog giveaway. It's been awhile since I've done one, but I just received a copy of the new paperback edition of Creative Quilting with Beads, which I contributed to a few years ago.

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It's got lots of fun projects, and even if you don't want to replicate them exactly, it's good for inspiration for everything from bags to wall hangings to fridge magnets (I think theses are super cute and would make great little brooches). I recently cleaned out my bead stash, so I might even include an assortment of seed beads and a little sewing kit along with the book.   


To enter, just leave a comment and tell us about a favorite quilting project or beading project (links to pictures are encouraged!) you've done or dream of doing. I'll leave the comments open until next weekend. 


  1. I’ve never heard of the book night. sounds exciting!!! I’ve never quilted either. I’ve wished I had. My grandmothers grandmother made her a quilt and to this day anytime we do any traveling my grams lets me take it it. I absolutely love that thing. I’ve never done any beading but i have done some cross stitching, well i attempted it. I have the cutest flip flops in the works for about the last 4 years. I find them every now and then and wish I would finish them. I realize this has nothing to do with quilting but it made me think of that project which i believe i will go hunt down now and work on. HA Thanks đŸ™‚ đŸ™‚ đŸ™‚

  2. I am working on a hand-pieced grandmother’s flower garden quilt in my spare time. It’s a project that I pick up and set down a couple times per year. Someday, I will get this wrapped up. In the meantime, I love small machine projects to fill in with.

  3. That's the pattern with all the little hexagons, right? I really love those types of quilts, what an accomplishment that will be when it's done! And it's definitely a long term project to split up with smaller projects đŸ™‚Â 

  4. Ooh, cross stitching is so fun, I have a few projects that are YEARS old. Maybe I should finish those one day, one is a cute Victorian doll house, I started it in high school. That was a really, really long time ago. Have you seen the new sampler from Alicia at Posie gets Cozy? I'm really tempted đŸ™‚Â 

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