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My final birthday giveaway plan has worked out, so you'll have to read all the way to the end to find out what it is! I'll draw the first three birthday week winners tomorrow night, and then the last three on Friday, so you'll have a little time to enter this one (as well as the last two). That way I can try and get everything shipped on Saturday.

Saturday mornings are all about breakfast around here. I love my yogurt and fruit breakfasts during the week, but Saturday is for something hot and hearty. I was feeling a little adventurous this past weekend and decided to try a little scrambled goose egg. I should have included a fork or something for reference, but that is one big yolk.


While beating it, it seemed heavier somehow and creamier, it's hard to describe, but it was quite good. I had it on top of my favorite potato hash (of which I make many variations-this one had lots of onion and some leftover pot roast). It was delicious, but that was a lot of egg.


A little story about something I learned this weekend:

The worst part about having chickens is cleaning out the chicken coop. Once I start raking all the shavings and poop up it gets quite dusty in there and I have to take frequent breaks to get some fresh air. It's not stinky, just dusty. I recently had the brilliant idea to get a dust mask to make the whole task easier and probably much healthier. I tend to do these dirty chores first thing Saturday morning before showering or anything, which is logical, right? But I also went out there with my dust mask just after finishing breakfast, but before brushing my teeth. And here is what I learned: do not ever wear a dust mask when you have nasty onion and cheese breath. Boy was that stinky. Now you know.

Lest you think I'm a complete idiot with poor hygiene habits I noticed today while at the bank that I have a real talent for pulling up nice and close to the drive up ATM. I laugh at the people who pull up and then have to open their door to do their banking (only in the most affectionate way, not mean-spirited). I love discovering hidden talents.

Have you seen the cover of Better Homes & Gardens April issue? It not a magazine that I usually buy, but I was completely charmed by this image:


So I've blatantly copied them and made my own version (it was pretty darn easy, so don't be too impressed. I also may have gone a little overboard with the little chick and the mushroom):




The pale pink violas are in a goose egg, and I used the ceramic egg carton my friend gave me for Christmas.

And now for the final birthday week giveaway! I wanted to find some more moss to share, but it's been dry lately, and while on my Sunday afternoon walk I only found little dried up bits of moss. The good news is that the dogs were very well behaved and didn't knock me over this time.

I wasn't about to give up, however, so I went to a favorite nursery on my lunch hour, and found a couple fun little mossy plants. The tag says one is baby tears, so maybe it will grow taller, but for now it's quite compact and flat, and the other is a creeping thyme, which I think is pretty hardy, so I hope it can take the high humidity of a terrarium. So I put together a little terrarium kit. You'll have to provide your own jar, but I'll send everything else! I think it will be so fun. There will even be three little mushrooms, because you know how I feel about mushroom-less terrariums.


Let's talk about breakfast for this giveaway. What's your favorite weekend breakfast? Do you cook? Or go out? We used to live in Mission Beach and The Mission was my absolute favorite breakfast spot. I loved the zen breakfast or the roast beef hash. I don't usually care for really sweet breakfasts, but their french toast-made from thick slices of cinnamon bread-was also always tempting.

Front and back

I love violas, in large part because that was my grandma's name.


  1. I was expecting to see a little gnome pop out from behind those little mushrooms….what beautiful photos.
    I love weekend breakfast! We usually will eat in…and have pancakes (my favorite) or waffles, or eggs! My favorite place to eat out is actually in East Sandwich Cape Cod…The Beehive Inn. I am not sure if it was because we were on vacation…but the food just tasted so fresh, and wonderful…hmmm I am getting a little hungry! Hope your Birthday Week was all you wished it would be!

  2. Great pics!
    I have been dying to make a little moss terrarium (mostly because I love the wee mushrooms!).
    Weekend breakfasts are lazy for me – a bagel or croissant, an extra cup of hot coffee, maybe some yogurt too.
    I do miss the “greasy spoon” around the corner from my old house. They had this amazing breakfast sandwich called the “Northern Lights”. It was kinda like a triple-decker BLT with a fried egg. Not heart healthy, definitely not low fat, but entirely delicious – especially with a side of hash browns!
    Happy Birthday

  3. OOh! What a great giveaway!!!
    I’m not usually much of a breakfast person. But one time I was in Tampa adn ate at this place called The Tropicana in Ybor City (sp?). SO GOOD. I could eat there every day. It was some kind of sausage and egg mixture sandwich. Wish I could make it, and will one day go back to Tampa JUST FOR THAT SANDWICH.

  4. I LOVE that Nursery! I used to go to it all of the time when we lived in Vista. I actually really like Better Homes and Gardens. I never really bought it before, it reminded me of Good Housekeeping-type magazine, but I reconsidered after I flipped through a few issues at my Mom’s and was really impressed. I also love to make hash a lot on the weekends. I use my grandmothers old cast iron skillet (her name was Violet, btw) and always use the same cast of characters: potatoes, meat of some sort (usually bacon), onions, garlic, a cheese of some sort, spices, sometimes paper thin slices of tomato…then I crack a few eggs on top of the hash and pop it under the broiler. The cheese gets crispy and the eggs are cooked, but still gooey in the middle. It is my go-to weekend breakfast, hands down.

  5. How fun it would be to get a terrarium kit!!
    My absolutely fav breakfast in the world is swedish pancakes with lingonberries and bacon at Al Johnson’s in Door County, Wisconsin. Don’t get to do that often though,
    so I’d have to say making homemade waffles at home, maybe with some fresh fruit on the side. Or maybe just any breakfast I don’t have to cook!! : )

  6. The waffles. Ooooh, the waffles. We use a recipe out of the Joy of Cooking for buttermilk waffles on a weekend morning. They are delish! The recipe calls for anywhere from 5-8 tblsp of butter depending on how you want to treat your arteries. Go for 6. The brown crispyness is sinful. Followed up with a fresh fruit salad and a couple slices of bacon and you have a breakfast that keeps you full and happy as a clam in some damp sand.

  7. What a great giveaway — I love craft kits! Although, I kind of think you ought to give away a goose egg =]
    A breakfast I love to make — and my fiance loves to eat — is Derby biscuits. I am a Kentucky gal, after all. They’re easy and satisfying. Basically, you need four things: biscuits (of your own making or store bought), good crispy bacon, think sliced tomatoes, and cheese. Split the bicuits in halves and top each one with bacon, cheese, tomato, and a little more cheese for good measure — I usually shred a good cheddar. Pop ’em in the oven — 350 — until good and melty. And serve with fresh fruits and juice. On Derby day, these do get served with mimosas, so if you’re feeling fancy…

  8. Hey Lucy!
    When we lived at the ocean, we used to eat out every weekend. Now here in the country, I like bacon and eggs, and Judy’s home fries (as my brother calls them). And plenty of java.

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday week! Looks like you have been having lots of fun! Best wishes for a bright and beautiful new year for you! Smiles, H

  10. I think I’m de-lurking here…..but my favorite breakfast is the pancakes my husband makes for the kids on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in 🙂
    Lovely little egg-plants you have there!

  11. Terrariums are easy to make with things you can find around the house! Check out my blog!

  12. Well, I haven’t been to every great breakfast spot in Portland yet (not for lack of trying), but my latest favorite is a place in NE called Francis Restaurant. They do a lovely bowl of thick, slow cooked oatmeal over fresh and dried fruit, which is yummy by itself, but the best part is that they pour a layer of maple syrup on top, and then brulee it – trust me, if you like your oatmeal, it is the best you’ll ever have.

  13. What a great give-away! That’s so cool!!!
    My favorite weekend breakfast would be going out, so I don’t have to cook it.
    But I haven’t found my absolute dream place yet. We do really like Egg ‘n Things
    (worst name EVER!!!). They have lots of yummy things. 🙂 But my ideal place would
    be something a bit more Euro with many more coffee choices and really good vibe.
    And that egg carton thing-y turned out very cute!
    (I’m a little creeped out by the goose egg, I must admit. The largeness of it makes
    me very uncomfortable!)

  14. Ooh…breakfast. This isn’t fair! We’ve just returned from a trip to Rhode Island. We stayed at an Inn with the most AMAZING breakfast foods….and all of their baked goods involved Dairy….and my dairy-sensitive nursing son has declared those to be a warzone. *sigh*
    I love big greasy diner breakfasts. There is this place in Seattle called Little Jon’s. They have these cinnamon buns that are as big as your head…you have to order them by about 9 am, or else they’re sold out. Om nom nom!

  15. Egg burritos with veggie sausage and homemade salsa and tortilla. Oh, and a steamy hot stovetop espresso. All sitting down with the family on a sunny Sunday morning (or even just by myself so I can eat and catch up on my reading too). ~Heather

  16. c

  17. Did Aunt LoLo actually say “om nom nom?”
    I want to have breakfast with her. 🙂

  18. Favorite breakfast….. I like to go to J.Christopher’s and get a creamy hot chocolate and eat the maple french toast with some sort of creme brulee. Or- stay home and make a whole wheat wrap with scrambled eggs, cheese and hot sauce. Can’t decide! I usually have a smoothie every morning for breakfast through the week- blueberries, blackberries,strawberries, white grape juice, vanilla yougurt and a huge scoop of flax meal. I love breakfast so it’s hard for me to choose just one.

  19. I love all your flower pictures. The terrarium bit is also really sweet.
    Your family has jam sessions?

  20. oh my gosh that cracked me up – the whole stinky onion breath w/mask part. also, i’m having brekkie with a friend tomorrow morning… the Mission! there’s one on University now. and i always get the zen breakfast! :o)

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