birthday week, day four

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This is fun! It's a little stressful making enough time to blog every day, but now I have a whole list of fun beauty products to try, so it's definitely worth it. I think I need to get some dirt and spackle, just because of the names, not to mention the Be Fine Food skin care line, which all sounds completely delicious.

Flower photos seem to becoming a habit for me, but I did say I was obsessed. I brought home the Lily of the Valley that has been on my desk since Monday so I could be sure and get some good pictures. I wish I could capture the scent for you, it's so wonderful.

I love how they curl up like little fairy bells.

On to a completely different subject, not related in any way to anything else here tonight, I made a fun discovery this weekend. Our house was built in 1939 and a previous owner had a welding shop on the property. We have found all sorts of odd metal bits here and there, including a few horse shoes. I decided to clean one up to hang over my studio door, and as I was scrubbing off the dirt and rust I made a very fun discovery. It was once painted the nicest shade of blue!

Also, it was made for an enormous horse. I don't know why, but it's just so appealing to me. I expect to have enormously good luck now.

All right, on to the giveaway. I thought it would be quite appropriate to share a gussied up t-shirt for one of my presents. I hope you like orange!

I still have to actually stitch the appliques in place, but that will happen before I send it to the lucky winner. It's a lightweight cotton knit, very nice for layering, and a size medium. The long sleeves make it nice for these chilly Spring days.


I think this time I'm going to ask for help spending a shiny little Nordstrom gift card. I'm thinking shoes, probably in the sandal family, for Summer. I have some black sandals that I like (click the link to see them), but they are very casual, and don't go with everything, so I think I could use either a dressier pair of black sandals, or sandals that I could wear with black that aren't necessarily black. Or maybe some fun, Summery black flats, preferably in the $100 range. Help me out please! 

And don't forget, you can still enter any of the previous posts still too, so scroll down so you don't miss anything!          


  1. Okay I looked through all of the sandals under $100 and none of the ones that I loved were vegan. 🙁 I couldn’t let myself suggest a leather shoe, so I found these adorable flats:
    I love the dusty lilac color, even though they are available in black, it would go fantastic with black or many other neutral colors!

  2. They’re a little more than $100, but not much – if I had $100 in mad money to spend at Nordy’s, I’d get me some Kork-Ease sandals, probably these:

  3. I would love to win something designed by you, but medium is going to be too small for me.
    I suggest buying something casual that’s comfortable and you like. I have a pair of flat, silver, sandals that I bought at Target last year that are worn out, but I hang onto them because I love them.

  4. That shirt is amazing! It fills me with much longing and envy of the lucky winner =]
    Okay, I’m a ballet flat kind of girl, so I like these, and they would go with anything
    And, I LOVE these!
    But I also like these sandals: — they have it in come cute colors.

  5. I love Lillies Of The Valley. I would like to have some in my yard. I’ll have to work on that. I also love Snow Drops because they are similar but with the sweetest little green dots decorating them on the white flowers.
    The shirt is pretty fabulous!
    Keep enjoying your birthday week!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing!! I LOVE “Jamie at Home”!!

  7. I could be wrong but I think your horseshoe was made for the game of horseshoes that my parents used to play at the cottage when I was a girl. Do you know the one? You toss the horseshoe at an iron bar in a sandpit and try to ring the bar. Very pretty. I wonder if the other ones you found are painted too 🙂

  8. Wild Peach is right – that’s for the game of horseshoes. I think that the welder slipped out of his shop for some fun once in awhile : )

  9. Don’t forget to hang/set your horseshoe upside down (like a U) so the luck doesn’t run out! That’s what I was always told.

  10. ps — I won’t fit in your lovely T but it is a fabulous giveaway 🙂 What a sweet thing to do!

  11. Now that I think about it, of course you are right! There are no holes for nails. I am obviously not a farrier.
    I will have to look for the others we’ve found. I know there is one that is definitely a regular horseshoe, but it has another half horseshoe welded to the center so you can hang it up and use it as a hook. I have even considered doing something like this to it: I’ll have to dig that one out to share!

  12. I wish I could have made a t-shirt in every size, I’m nowhere near medium myself :o)

  13. Where did you get the flowers appliques from? Do you recommend any fabric websites?

  14. Is it too late to sign up to win your gorgeous shirt? I’m back to a medium again after I stopped nursing my son and our family is pretty obsessed with stripes on clothes and the returning of the flowers all around us!
    As for Nordy’s? Buy something on sale – buying off-season is the best way to stretch those Nordy Dollars! ~Heather

  15. I LOVE the t-shirt so am off to look for some perfect sandals now.

  16. I just typed out my choices but my comment seems to have disappeared!!

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