Better than Cinnabon

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I have conquered my fear of baking with yeast!

I can cook. There aren’t many recipes that intimidate me. And I can make just about the best chocolate chip cookies you ever had. But every time I attempt to bake bread or pizza dough, or anything with yeast in it, disasterous are the results-I either kill the yeast with water that is too hot, or it never activates, presumably because it’s old or the water isn’t hot enough. I’ve been reading Sunshine, by Robin McKinley, and the heroine is a baker in a coffeeshop. She bakes cinnamon rolls every day, and i just couldn’t stand it any longer, after reading about half of the book, I had to have freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I was nervous, but the need for cinnamon rolls was so great, that I had to give it a try. So I carefully checked the water tempurature, added it to the package of dry yeast, and followed the rest of the recipe. It was a lovely dough, and I kneaded it into a smooth, elastic ball, and set it aside to rise. And it did! I rolled it out and sprinkled the cinnamon and brown sugar on, and rolled it up and cut it into individual rolls, and set them aside to rise again. And they did! Anyway, according to the husband, they were delicious, even better than Cinnabon. And I think I’ll try baking some bread next weekend.


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  1. mmmm!!!
    your teacup find sounds great!
    did you ever get that free ipod??

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