Bear the Mechanic

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I have a leaving for work routine. I come outside, throw my junk in the car, Bear comes bounding up and wags his whole body and picks up a stick or a toy and plays keepaway as I walk to open the gate. Then he has to go sit on the porch while I drive through the gate. When I get out of the car to close the gate behind me he runs to the gate so I can give him a last pat good-bye. Today he ignored the routine and kept sniffing at my front tire and was trying to stick his nose all the way up in the wheel well. He was clearly obsessed with something inside the car. I opened up the hood so he could get a better look:

Bearsniff2 Bearsniff3

He thinks I need an oil change and that I need to replace the burnt out headlight.

Actually, I think a lizard must have crawled up inside. He’s obsessed with all the lizards running around the yard at the moment.


  1. Bear is quite a mechanic!

  2. Oh how funny! Bear is a doll isn’t he!
    You know all those crazy rain days we had not too long ago…a little mouse moved in under the hood of my car. I think he was sleeping on the engine to keep warm…I was so happy that the critter didn’t chew up my car!

  3. **don’t know why I’m having so much difficulty commenting on typepad weblogs lately…but if you get two similar comments from me today, please excuse it! 😉
    Bear’s a total doll…what a sweetie!
    I had a little mouse move in under the hood of my car, back when it was raining like crazy a few months ago. I was driving somewhere and smelled something burning…when I got home I made my husband (who’s much more mechanically inclined) to look at it..and he found this stash of seeds and berries on the engine…and a few extra little presents as well. oh my!

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