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Time for an app review, don't you think? Once upon a time I used to be pretty hip when it came to music. I knew about lots of obscure bands and kept up with all the latest news. These days I barely listen to the radio, I might be getting a little too old for the mosh pit, and I'm lucky to buy three CDs in a year. Band of the Day to the rescue! This free app is a great way to learn about artists from all sorts of different music genres. 

Each day a different band or artist is in the spotlight, and you can read reviews, listen to full tracks and share your finds on twitter, facebook, and more. Peruse the calender on the opening screen to view any of the past artists as well. Of course there are also links to buy and download music right away via iTunes. 

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I love the design of the app, it's clean and modern and while the navigation takes a few minutes to figure out, it's really slick and easy to find your way around. I really like that I can discover a new band every day. Maybe I can still be hip in my 40's? Totally worth the price of FREE!

Band Of The Day - 955 Dreams



  1. absolutely LOVE this!

  2. Great post (I’m one of the music editors/journalists for this!) And, on a side note, your site is adorable…wish I had your craft skills! 🙂

  3. Thanks! I love the app, you guys are doing a great job!

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