Back to School

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Summer vacation is well over now, so hi! I’m back! I have some catching up to do. For the past few months there has been very little creative time, but I just had a 3-day weekend, and could do whatever I wanted. So I did. I knitted and sewed and cleaned the kitchen and made couscous with vegetables and played computer games and sat in the rocking chair on the porch with a cold drink and a good book, I caught up on TV viewing and cleaned up the Tivo, we ordered a pizza and there was a nap in there too, somewhere. It was so nice.

I’ve gotten some nice mail over the past few weeks. My snail mail buddy sends great packages:


Beautiful fabric postcards, beads, ribbon and a stack of fabric. I especially love the pink polka dots. The postcards are up on my inspiration wall. I just got another one from her, but I’m saving that picture for another day.

I also was surprised to receive this:


From the super talented Amy, just for leaving a comment on her blog to help her find a book. Wow, people are so nice! She also sent a big pack of her cards, which I’ve already started sending to a lucky few.

This last picture I’m a little embarrassed to share for a few reasons. Number one: this is the final bit of my backtack project and is just being mailed today. I have a lot of lame excuses, it’s been a rough few months since my father-in-law passed away suddenly, with a lot of weekends spent making the 3 hour drive to the in-laws house to either visit and help out or pick up and bring my mother-in-law to our house for the weekend. I managed to send a small package a few weeks ago, and even though I let the recipient know that I was late, and she was very understanding, I still have been feeling just awful about this. So. Now it’s done and sent, and will hopefully be used and enjoyed. Number two reason for my embarrassment: what a crappy picture! I took it early this morning and it was way too dark for picture taking. Number three: I mostly like how it turned out, but there is still something just a little bit off. Maybe it’s too busy or something? I like the shape, though and I think I’m going to make some more little bucket bags like this, but plain, using only one or two fabrics and interfaced instead of quilted.


Tune in tomorrow for better pictures of knitting projects (I hope). Oh, and Hi to all the people visiting from Pink Champagne High! Leave a comment and tell me hello! I love it when people do that! I’ve now used my exclamation point quota for the week.

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