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Posted by on December 5, 2005 in other things, Uncategorized | 3 comments

I think I’m back to regular posting after this week. November was one of those very stressful months that come along every now and then in life. My car is back, and I am quite a bit poorer. Thanksgiving weekend was very long and not very fun, but it’s done, and while I could rant for paragraphs about negativity and tiresomeness, I think I will just let it go and move on.

Christmas is coming, and I’m already behind, but I am re-thinking my decorations a bit, being inspired by the colors of these old ornaments I picked up at a garage sale this summer for 50 cents:


I have bright blue peacocks and chartruese green glitter-encrusted bird’s nests to start with. I think I may add some turquoise and pink to the mix somehow. It sounds deliciously garish, doesn’t it? I hope to have my tree by the weekend.


I’ve got a sweater for myself well underway, in a really lovely wool/alpaca blend. It’s not quite as fuzzy as the original sweater, but it’s very soft and I think very warm. I like the crocus stitch, and the fact that it’s knitted in the round. I also knit a few more roses in different yarns, they’re so fun. I’ve been sewing roses on my pillow. Maybe I’ll finish that up tonight.

Plush Rush was this weekend, there are some pictures here. You can see my little guys hanging out with some robots, a rain cloud and big tooth, among other things. The shop isn’t up yet, but soon I hope!


  1. Love the baubles – I have some vintage tree decorations and they are my favourite.
    I favour turquoise and pink too!

  2. Vintage tree decorations are so fabulous! Love the pinks and blues!

  3. I like the Christmas ornament colors! Very you.
    I think your Plush Rush contributions are the cutest ones there. You can’t not look at their big eyes and not imagine them saying, “Buy me, buy me! Take me home with you!” If I bought one, it would surely be yours.

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