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Today's nonsense is brought to you by my fuzzy head cold. I fear I may be about to ramble incoherently. Sorry in advance. At 3 p.m. I realized that I forgot to apply deodorant this morning. I was going to say that it's been all downhill from there, but I'm pretty sure the downhill slide started on Friday morning, when I woke up with the runniest of runny noses.


I had big plans this past weekend for Christmas tree decorating, Christmas gift making, and the continuation of the great studio clean out. I was also going to write virtuously about how I had a good attitude towards Thanksgiving despite the fact that I had to spend it a day late at the home of my mother-in-law, eating the re-heated Thanksgiving Dinner for Four in a box from the local grocery store, listening to her complain about everything from the cost of paper towels to how difficult it is to find quality blouses at her local thrift store these days. I managed to help her balance her checkbook, and ignored the usual comparison of my obsessive sock knitting to that of Madame Defarge. She wasn't too bad this visit, and she was even quite pleasant at times. She sent me home with several vintage, pieced quilt tops, which I will photograph and share sometime soon. The quilt tops are, I believe, from the 30's and 40's, and include a gorgeous double wedding ring quilt-it's double or maybe even queen-sized! They are all hand-pieced, and there are a couple spots in need of repair, but otherwise all they need is batting, backing fabric and quilting!

She also gave me this sweet little bird that her aunt always had on her Christmas tree.


Instead of all those wonderful activities for what was a beautiful weekend weather-wise, once I got home late Friday night, I blew my nose every 10 minutes, rearranged the pillows to the proper angle for prime sinus drainage, counted off the hours until I could take the next dose of Theraflu/Benedryl/Airborne/Tylenol, none of which did much to alleviate my symptoms, and carefully maneuvered so as not to disturb the two cats curled up on either side of me (and the occasional dog, too). I am thankful for my lovely laptop, which kept me entertained for the last three days. I found all sorts of fun and interesting things out there on the interwebs. I watched movies on (Master and Commander (one of my favorites) and 24: Redemption (Yay! a new season, finally!)) and Netflix (Dan in Real Life (meh, it was alright), Gone Baby Gone (pretty good, but sad)), played zilch and Bloon Tower Defense III and various escape from a locked room puzzle games (I think this was one of my favorites, and easy enough that I didn't have to cheat and get a hint), and found funny t-shirts that I think I need and lovely little videos of what look like miniature worlds, but are actually real life-sized ones, thanks to a little tilt-shift action (try this one, it's especially lovely, although the monster truck one is cute).

So, it wasn't the best Thanksgiving ever, but it wasn't the worst, and I still have a lot to be thankful for and one day soon when I'm feeling a little less fuzzy and incoherent I'll make a gratitude list. Although I suppose I could start by pointing to that list of links over there on the left under Family. I am thankful for family, even though I didn't get to spend time with them and they are all far away. And for Mr. Heylucy for getting me cookies when I'm sick. And for cats and dogs who will curl up next to me to keep me warm. I hope you all had lots of delicious turkey and that you're not sick of the leftovers yet!


  1. Your deodorant revelation totally cracked me up, I have done that before and it makes me paranoid the rest of the day that I am leaving cloud of BO where ever I go. Thanks for the hulu link, I had no idea that existed! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. So sorry to hear you’re sick! Curling up with cats and dogs is the best way to recover I don’t even have a cold but that sounds so good right now!
    I love the bird. Love it!
    Obviously I’m jealous about the quilt tops.

  3. Sorry to hear you were sick! Hopefully you are feeling way better now that Friday is almost here- thank God! I laughed so hard reading about your mother in law- I have just gotten to the point with mine that I like her- she has definitely mellowed over the years. I love the little bird she gave you, I would leave him out year round. The “dinner for four in a box” cracked me up… I got a late start on T-day morning, but everything came out at the right time and tasted good. Well, not everything, the stuffing was dry. The best part of Thanksgiving to me was sort of a bomb, but hey the rest was good and the kitchen didn’t catch on fire. I am very curious about the tops she gave you. I can’t imagine what they look like- feel better and snap some photos.:) Ok, I am off to check out hulu? I really must have been under a rock for a long time, you are always talking about something I have never heard of. Feel better- I have missed hearing what’s up!

  4. I’m sorry you were sick and I hope you’re better now. It’s a good thing you had internet access!

  5. Madame Defarge? LOL That’s pretty good! LOL
    At least you got that sweet little bird! I love him!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Aw, I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Our Thanksgiving plans were down-sized last-minute to just a quiet meal for about half of the usual crowd, but it ended up being kind of nice, as it was all the laid-back people who didn’t worry that it didn’t live up to the usual family traditions.

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