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Posted by on February 9, 2009 in craft, knit, stitch | 9 comments

Saturday I devoted my whole day to thrift shopping/antique mall-ing in search of a dresser for the studio. Mission accomplished!


If you'll recall, it was on my Complete the Studio to-do list. Also on the list is Paint the dresser. I'm tired of painting at the moment, and it's been raining for four days, so painting is not going to be a high priority for awhile. I can live with it like this for a good, long while, actually. It would be better if it was a brighter white, to match the walls, but I can deal for now. The shape is just what I wanted, and the size is perfect. I love the handles, and, while I didn't really want anything too shabby chic or distressed, the little painted swags on the drawers are kind of sweet.I also didn't think I needed a side table, but when I saw that little white one for $45 I kind of had to get it, and it turns out that it's really coming in handy.

I managed to thin out my yarn stash, and fit nearly everything in the bottom drawer. There are a few balls of sock yarn in one of the top drawers, and it's so nice that it's all safe from those pesky cats. I decided to display part of my creamer collection on a tray on top.


I need to find some small projects for the odd balls of yarn. What do you do when you have leftover yarn or orphan skeins?

Once the dresser was organized I was so inspired by my pretty new space, I worked on some treats for the shop. There's a couple peepers in there right now, and I hope to have some pincushion/needlebook sets by the end of the week. It's so nice to work out there now. It's a small room (barely 10'x14'), but I've got so much of my junk organized and cleaned out that it's just so easy to work. 


And, since you haven't seen this fuzzy face for awhile, I leave you with the one and only Winston:


I can't take it when he looks at me like that. I had the day off today, and spent it in the studio with the rain and then snow blowing and blustering outside, and I had to let this muddy thing in because I felt sorry for him. I hope my carpet will come clean.


  1. That dresser is gorgeous! And of course, so is the rest of your house. I adore your decorating style.
    As for the leftover skeins, I really like those garter stitch scarves done the “long” way with random yarns. Do you know what I’m talking about? Otherwise, there are always little felting projects or whatnot.

  2. Oh, you’re just inspiring! My work space is in my laundry room…in the basement. I wouldn’t mind it being in the laundry room, if it was just somewhere a little easier to get to with a newborn. (The room isn’t heated…and Connecticut’s not exactly BALMY this time of year!)
    As for extra yarn…it’s great to use them to knit up a crazy washcloth or scarf…

  3. The dresser = score! I love it. I think it’s perfect just the way it is. Do I see wheels on it? Extra functional! The side table was also a good buy, very nice.

  4. Winston is too cute! I have all wood floors now in the entire house, but I have kept my rug cleaner for the two big area rugs we have- my dogs always manage to muddy up the only rugs in the whole place! I love that dresser you found and the end table too. I actually like different whites in a room, I think it just adds some depth(?). We finally are having days in the 70’s here and you guys are getting rain and snow- go figure! I am thinking of coming out, just me and the kids, for spring break to look at houses and scope out the areas, but yuck, not if it’s cold and rainy. Spring break isn’t until the 4th of April though, so surely it will be nicer by then? I am so motivated by all that you’ve done in your studio that I have cleaned the entire garage out, gone by Goodwill and now I am onto the unfinished basement area- the fun!

  5. I love both the table and the dresser. Nice finds!

  6. How about “granny squares” that would eventually find their way into an afghan? Or as my Meme would say an af-a-gaan. She is from Boston. Anyway, I made some squares and she made some squares and we sewed them together, and now I have an heirloom granny afghan that I made with my granny!

  7. That dresser is gorgeous! I’ve made a few Baby Surprise Jackets out of my leftover sock yarn. Winston looks so cute!

  8. That dresser is just fabulous. Your room is coming together!
    I don’t knit, but I love making doll things out of those little leftovers…seems like you are on that track with your little knit cap for the chick 🙂
    And what a cute idea to display the balls of yarn! The colors are so comforting!

  9. Fabulous dresser! And cute dog too!

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