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A lot has been going on since I last updated, but because I’ve been so busy I’ve also been just way to tired to post anything. And because some of that busy-ness involved working on computers, I really didn’t want to sit at the computer and write an entry.

I didn’t making it to the spinning class, it was nearly 6:00 when I left the pharmacy with some drugs that ended up making me into a groggy zombie. The next Wednesday I had to finish up editing the Valley Views, so I couldn’t go then either. I decided that spinning will have to wait until the Fall session. And I decided that I need to eliminate some stress from my life. So I think the next issue of the Valley Views will be my last. Last October I had Shingles, which is just an unpleasant experiance, and it seems that whenever I start feeling a lot of stress and don’t get enough rest I still get some residual pain in the areas where I suffered the most nerve damage. For me it’s mostly the back of my left hand, the left side of my forehead and the left side of my back where the rash was. It’s annoying and I don’t have time for that kind of crap. Stupid Shingles. /end of whining.

In happy, creative news, I finished the blanket! Hallelujah! I’m never making another one. It is nice, though. Now to try and make it to the post office to send it off. There exists a ‘late-mailer’ gene, and it’s dominant in my family. We are never able to mail gifts and things in a timely fashion. I’m trying to overcome this gene, but I’m afraid it’s a losing battle.

Now that I’m free for other things, I’m back to working on Salt Peanuts in earnest, as well as a pair of baby booties and my first ever socks (using Wendy’s Toe-up pattern). I’ll post pictures later.

Since I have ADD, I also decided to make some quilts this year. I’m well underway on the first one:


It’s just a simple patchwork for the guest house. I just want a small quilt to fold up at the end of the bed. I’ll hand quilt 1/4″ inside each square, and that will be that. It may be plain, but do you see how nicely I matched all my corners?

The other quilts in the planning stages are for the living room, which is going to be my next decorating project once I finish the kitchen (I just have to paint those darn chairs). More on these two quilts later. I can say that I just got this fabric to slipcover my two wing chairs, which are currently white (2 cats + 2 dogs + 1 husband who likes to work in the yard + white furniture=not a good idea).


I love it!


  1. Very pretty fabric!

  2. I have that messenger bag pattern from amy butler, and its the only one I had problems with. I’m not really sure why. *sigh* They always turned out cute, but would rip.

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