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Years and years ago I brought home this toolbox from a thrift store or antique mall, I don't remember which. I've slowly stocked it with tools purchased as I've needed them, and now it's a pretty well stocked little box. The paint is all chippy, and might have to be stripped and replaced soon, but right now I like it's tattered look.

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While I was painting my spice rack, I gave my hammer a little glossy coat of white and light turquoise. I was somewhat inspired by these fancy and ridiculously expensive axes. Plus, it will probably keep it safe from the hands of Mr. Heylucy, who does not always return things to their proper places. In fact, he was quite surprised by the many contents of my toolbox, which he had never noticed before. I do keep it in the corner of my little studio, but I'm not sure how he missed it all these years. I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have to guard it a little more closely now. 

A few of the items I have collected and use:

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I love my little red screwdriver, the tip flips around, so I have two phillips heads and two flat head screwdrivers all in one. And sanding blocks are so much easier to use than sandpaper. Fine grit ones are especially helpful for smoothing paint between coats. My drill and level don't actually fit inside, but they are probably the things I use most. Drilling is fun! This weekend I repaired an old shovel, it had chippy brown paint and the hand had fallen off, so I scraped and sanded it, gave it a coat of glossy green paint, and got a bolt with a locking nut to re-attach the handle. Cleaning out the chicken coop will be so much easier now. 

I don't know who R.H. Raynes was, but I hope that he (or she) would be pleased to see his toolbox in good hands. Do you have a toolbox all your own? I hope so! 

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