less blah

Thanks for commiserating with my blahs, I’m feeling a little better. It helps that it was sunny this weekend, although not very warm. I did go swimming a couple times this week, and walked on my lunch hour a couple times too. I’m sure that helped. I snapped out of my funk enough to sew my skirt this weekend, although I think I look decidedly fluffy in it, which is fine, it’s that much more motivation to keep up with the swimming this week.

I also framed some art, as you can see, and picked still more daffodils. I think we have a week or two left. One of my favorites is blooming right now, a small cream one with an apricot center. You might be sick of seeing daffodils, but I may have to get some close-up pictures of those anyway.

Lest you think it’s all as peaceful and pretty as the photo above around here, I though I’d share a behind-the-scenes reality shot as well:

Half the pictures I took look like this one. There’s no such thing as personal space around here. As I type there is a cat licking my arm. I do not know why.

Sally didn’t visit me in the studio this weekend, but I have to share a story, which is just about the saddest ever. When I painted my studio I removed a big, cheap, ugly mirror, and just had it leaning against the wall outside while I decided what to do with it. I tried putting it in my car to take to Goodwill, but it didn’t fit, so I thought I’d just take it out and leave it on the curb. Meanwhile, I moved it to the front of the yard, by the trash cans, next to the gate. When I went outside later that day, there was Sally, sitting down next to the mirror, talking to her reflection. Poor, lonely Sally! She had to find herself a buddy in a mirror! I don’t know quite what to do for her. Shortly after all this, the wind picked up and blew the mirror over and broke it, so now she really doesn’t have a friend. Luckily, the glass was glued to a backing, so it held together, but it was still badly cracked, and I put it out with the trash the next day. Mr. HeyLucy said he saw a big grey goose hanging around early one morning this week, so maybe she has a suitor. I think I will look for a plastic mirror for her, in case things don’t work out with the grey gentleman.

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