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I had one of those relaxing yet fun and productive but not long enough weekends. First I met a friend for breakfast and we went to a card making party. We were a little early, so we stopped at an estate sale where I scored this for fifty cents:


A real Brownie camera. It needs some cleaning up, and the film and developing will probably be outrageously expensive, but I think I’ll have fun with it.

I also made some more earrings:


I don’t think I’ll be going into the jewelry business soon, my wire-wrapping skills are pretty dismal, but who’s going to notice that when they’re looking at those pretty vintage beads?

And I started on my back-tack project, sort of.


I made a little strawberry pincushion. I think I’ve finally nailed down just what I’m going to make and what I’m going to use. My first back-tack buddy very generously sent 3 different fabrics, but they don’t coordinate with each other, so I’ll be getting creative. I think I’ll be able to use two of the three, one of which is a lovely hand-dyed chartreuse green. I’ll throw in fabrics from my stash and go with a patchwork look. My recipient likes to quilt, so hopefully she’ll appreciate that.

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