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I have been a little blah lately in the creativity department. I'm sure it's just a phase, but I hope it ends soon. I tried to sew last weekend, and the results were embarrassingly bad. I should take a picture so we can all laugh together. This weekend, I decided to force myself to take some pictures. I've had a 50mm lens for awhile, and have barely used it. I also got a very fun new app for my iPhone called SwankoLab. I needed to try it out to write a review over at APPlesauce.  

So, I headed to one of my favorite nearby places, with Winston, of course, and took some pictures. There are going to be a lot, I hope you don't mind.

 White blossoms
I love spring blossoms.

And wisteria, I love wisteria!


 Fairy garden1 



So I'm feeling a little more comfortable with my newest lens. It's a bit of a challenge, because I went the budget route, and it doesn't auto-focus, so it all depends on my ability to focus manually. I do love that depth of field, though, and there is a softness about the photos that I also like. 

I also took a few photos with my iPhone, but Typepad is being temperamental, so I will save them for the next post. 




  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting and great job with the new lens!

  2. Nice shots. 🙂

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