vesper sock yarn part II

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Remember how I was so happy that I got a skein of really pretty yarn in the 5 minutes it was available for purchase and then I found out that maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to gloat because I didn’t actually get it after all? Well, my new favorite people are Kpixies and Julia. Shortly after my big disappointment I got another email telling me that if I still wanted the yarn, Julia would be dyeing more and I could have it. So I got it after all. Here it is with the felt ball cat toys Alicia made (I really will let the cats play with them, but they look so nice in my wood bowl for now). Midnightknit

That is the bowl I originally got to hold my yarn stash. Ah, the innocence of a new knitter. Like that could hold an entire yarn stash. I’ve since graduated to a wicker bowl about twice that size and a gigantic wicker basket and there might be a few skeins under the bed, but that’s all. Really. Except for the ones in the little basket next to my knitting chair. And I think I saw a bag with a few random balls in the guest house. But that’s it, I swear!

Anyway, back to my new skein of Vesper and Kpixies. Because I was so happy with the service and they happened to have it on sale, I also bought Knitting Vintage Socks, because just look at this Flickr group. Those are some nice looking socks! I think I will use the Vesper to make a pair of simple ribbed socks, there are a few different ribbed socks in that book that I like.

Also, speaking of socks, I’ve been knitting my second Jaywalker sock and I don’t remember the foot on the first one taking so long. I knit for 2 hours last night and I don’t think the foot got any bigger. Of course I was catching up on a few episodes of 24 (season 2) that I had on the Tivo and I got so hooked by the suspensefulness of the show that I made mistakes a couple of times and had to un-knit a couple needles worth of stitches. But still, I think there is some weird phenomenon with the second sock, it seems to take twice as long as the first. Once I turned the heel on the first one it seems like it just flew to the toe. Am I the only one having this experience?


  1. I’m knitting the 2nd sock of my 4th pair of Jaywalkers. Ugh!

  2. I think it has to do with the suspensefulness of the 24 show. I think that show is so intense that you really need to not do anything while watching it. That’s my advice.

  3. What a great idea, those felted balls look fab.

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