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The laundry is still not put away. Most is draped all over the couch. One load is still in the dryer.

Martha has a whole bunch of freezer recipes. The spinach pie and Mediterranean tuna casserole are two that I might try, though they all look quite good.

More movies to add to the do not watch while hungry (in case you missed the comments on that post):
Moonstruck (I love that movie!)
Babette’s Feast (How could I forget this one! It’s so lovely)
What’s Cooking (I just added it to my Netflix queue)
Like Water for Chocolate (of course!)
The Wedding Banquet (I don’t remember the food, I’ll have to re-watch that one)

I have knit a few little chicken hats:


Wouldn’t it be fun to get a picture of an actual chicken wearing one? I don’t think they would go for it, though, no matter how many grapes I gave them.

Very little reading has occurred this week. I finished Brideshead Revisited last week. I know it’s a classic, and therefore a Very Important Book, but geez, all the characters were completely unlikeable and selfish. And Evelyn Waugh apparently hates Catholics. Still, I will see any movie starring Emma Thompson. I think I’ve missed it in the theater, so I’ll be renting it.

I haven’t watched Project Runway yet. Am I going to be mad?

And finally, this is pretty darn cool.


  1. Please. Do NOT waste your time seeing that movie. As much as I disliked the characters too (especially Charles), the movie is so not true to the story, it’s annoying. We saw it on a book club field trip after reading the book and i thought maybe I would like the movie more (beautiful clothes, scenery, etc.) and found myself DYING for the very very long movie to end. Yuck.

  2. Forgot to also say that if you’re not mad at the Project Runway decision, you’re not normal. I’m such a beacon of light, aren’t I??

  3. That basement is pretty darn cool!! I painted a watercolor on the bedroom wall in one of my first apartments. It was a landscape with hot air balloons. We did the whole ballooning thing in Perris Valley a million years ago. 🙂
    RE: PR
    I (still) think the producers are running the show, but I am sure it will get all sorted out in the end.

  4. Maybe not mad, but frustrated?

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