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The overwhelming majority said turquoise, and because I am basically lazy, I decided to go along with the majority.

I liked the suggestions to paint it the same color as the wall, and if I start hating this, maybe that’s what I’ll do, although I think if I start hating this, that will be motivation to take the time to look and find something I really love. I’ve got lots of little pops of turquoise, yellow and green around the room, so for now this fits in just fine.

Five people actually called me weird and my sconces hideous. It’s okay though, I can take it.


  1. It looks great! Who cares what those folks say?!

  2. Some family members can be brutally honest, you know. It’s often a means of showing love, though. Would you really want a family member to lie to you?:-)

  3. ummmmmmmmmmmm, nope!

  4. They’re yanking your chain. Those are cool and so are you!

  5. Well I love your sconces! So iffen you ever get tired of them, I will take them off your hands! 🙂

  6. Oh yum!!! I LOVE the turquoise! I think it looks amazing and I think the sconces are totally adorable now. And I am going nuts over how the turquoise of the sconces and the yellow of those flowers go together. It’s just too much!! It’s sooo good. Beautiful.

  7. at the end of the day, WHO CARES what others think, they aren’t going to look at them, and when you look at them and they make you happy, screw everyone else! I think they are great, happy sconces and who can’t use a little color in their life. Plus, it’s PAINT on SCONCES, it’s not your wedding china or the name of your child…it’s like hair, if you don’t like it in a decade…change it!

  8. I’d vote black – but I’m very boring.

  9. i voted for the color you painted…and i love it!…that’s the beauty of paint…you get tired or want and change…and really without too much effort…whole other look…but for now…hope you enjoy it…cause that’s what matters!!!….please come and decorate my house!..lol!

  10. I think they look brilliant!

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