To do list

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I have to write (or type, whatever) things down so I don’t forget:

  1. Pack up assortment of fabric & stuff for Back-Tack.
  2. Make and address postcards for Snail mail group.
  3. Post link to Studio Confidante slide show (so wonderful!) and take some better pictures of my workbench to share here-honestly, if I’d known what great photographs and interesting confidantes would have been a part of that I would have taken a few more minutes to compose an artful shot. Well, in the meantime, here is the link to the slideshow. Martha did such a wonderful job!
  4. Pull weeds. If I don’t do this soon, our house will soon disappear, drowned in a green weedy jungle.
  5. Make dog beds now that I have all the supplies (foam pads and rolls of super thick batting) taking up room in the guest house.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Share link to Mary Jane’s Farm. I would like to be a farmgirl one of these days. Suggest that you look for her magazine/catalog at your local bookstore or market.
  8. Also share link to new magazine discovered at my local Barnes & Noble today. It’s from the UK and is called Selvedge. I couldn’t quite justify the $20 price, so just enjoyed it while at the bookstore. Beautiful textiles!
  9. Apologize for not including a picture in this entry, refer visitors to the photo galleries in the left sidebar.

That is all for now.

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