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Posted by on June 4, 2009 in other things | 15 comments

I have things to blog about and still no mojo to do so. Instead, I made a new banner. I think it might not be quite right, I may have to tweak it a little more. Also, why does typepad not center my banner for me? I don't understand. Maybe I'll find some blogging mojo later tonight or tomorrow. I can't be sure.


  1. This makes me feel better, being the major underachiever that I am lately! 🙂 You will get your super blogger mojo back soon. I haven’t gotten mine going yet- I am still out there working on the gardening mojo, oh and where oh where is my laundry, painting, fix up the house super mojo? Miss hearing about your day- it inspires me to get off my duff.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog tonight and I’m ever glad I did. It’s delightful! Can’t wait to read all about your beekeeping. I just joined a beekeeping club, and I’m going to get a hive in the spring.
    Thanks for a fun blog!

  3. Have you got digital video camera fever?

  4. Maybe I do. $49, I almost can’t afford not to buy it, even if I am broke
    this month.

  5. I love it when new people find you. I feel all re-born in a glowy way.
    The banner. Nice. I remember every one but the goose. The goose must be real. ((I took the test.) and you didn’t have goats.) LOL
    So please tell me and perhaps others, what is the advantage of typepad?

  6. hee! It is fun, isn’t it? I love finding new, like-minded blogs too.
    You don’t remember Sally my goose? How could you not? I used one of her eggs
    in my hollandaise sauce just a week or two ago.
    Typepad-I like it because it’s easy to configure the design (except for
    centering the banner at the top, obviously). I also have a pro account so I
    could make blogs for everyone in my family. I find it easy to use and to
    post to my blog. I like getting email notifications when I have comments (I
    don’t think all blogging services do that). Also, I’ve just been using it
    for a really long time, and I’m too lazy to change. I haven’t used anything
    else, so I don’t know if there are easier options out there.

  7. Your new banner is so pretty! It’s such an interesting patchwork of photos. Love the swirly designs, too.

  8. Um, I should probably have said swirly flower designs. 😉

  9. Thanks! The swirlies are some Photoshop brushes I downloaded free from
    somewhere :o)

  10. Lovely banner, it had to be, my favourite fella is there 😉

  11. I’m lovin’ the banner! Especially your little mushroom terrarium. Very very cute.

  12. I was able to center the banner on my typepad blog when I had a layout similar to yours, but I sure can’t remember how I did it. I just went in and looked at the dashboard, but I can’t find it in Typepad beta. Darn it.
    Maybe this will help?

  13. Brilliant! It did help! I added custom CSS code to center the banner. Thank
    you so much!

  14. Yay. I’m so glad to have been helpful! 🙂
    It looks great.

  15. I here you on the mojo. I lost mine, too. Love the banner!

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