Sweet Pea Day

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Saturday was Sweet Pea Day, one of my favorite events each Spring! There was a big possibility that it was going to rain, but I decided to risk it anyway. To illustrate my love of sweet peas, my husband likes to relate a story from when we were dating. We often went to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings for flowers and fresh vegetables that we would use to make dinner that evening (the vegetables only, the flowers were not for eating). One time he wasn’t getting ready as quickly as I thought he should, so to encourage him to hurry I started pouting that there wouldn’t be any sweet peas left if we didn’t get going soon. Luckily, he sensed the tragedy that would occur if I didn’t get my sweet peas, and we made it in time. Crisis averted!


It was cool and a little blustery on Saturday, but lovely nonetheless. Unfortunately, because it’s been so cool this Spring, the sweet peas were nowhere near the tops of the trellises that make up the maze. And most of the flowers had already been cut, but they told me to come back anytime and they will continue to allow cutting as long as the flowers keep blooming. There were lots of other flowers to enjoy and a craft and antiques fair, so it was still worth the trip.

I started a photo album for garden pictures, and so far everything in there is from Saturday, so enjoy! I’ll add to it from time to time.

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  1. It’s so beautiful there, those delphiniums are so amazing!

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