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Just for PT*), our Very Bad Dog who manages not to get sent to the Humane Society just because he’s so darn cute and is always so repentant when caught doing Very Bad Things:
Good Bear
Note the blurry wagging tail.

And this is what he does when he picks up a random object (a stick or a bone, or in this case, a toy):
Prancing Bear
He prances around and looks at you to make sure you see that he is the smartest, coolest dog ever because he has a stick/bone/toy in his mouth, and you must chase him right now.

Besides playing with my dumb dog, doing laundry and cleaning the house, I did some knitting this weekend and worked on some art for a round-robin project I’m participating in. There are 11 of us in our round-robin, and we each made a color themed journal. I worked in the Lavendar and Green one this weekend, and I’m pretty happy with how my pages worked out:
Page One
Page Two

Knitting-wise I don’t have any pictures, but I finally finished my First Sweater Ever. I re-did the neck and followed the pattern, which consisted of several decreases as you work your way up. And then it said to bind off loosely. I thought I bound off loosely, but apparently I bound off very very tightly, because I could barely get it over my head, and when I did, it just looked stupid. So I ripped it out once again, and re-knit it straight, with no decreases, and I bound off really really loosely and now it’s all good. It’s a good thing I finished my lovely WOOL sweater, because it was 80 degrees this weekend.

I worked on the sweater I’m making for my new nephew. It’s this one:

from Rowan’s Pipsqueak’s Book. The back is finished, and I’m up to the armholes on the front. The star is looking really cute so far. I haven’t done much color knitting, and this yarn is so fine and smooth that I’m worried about weaving the ends in around the star. Any knitter’s out there have any tips?


  1. That Bear! A very good bad dog.
    I like picture #2 especially because he is giving the “side-eye.” He has that “Look at MEE!” thing going on alright! He is funny, and you, funnier that you know all this about him!
    Congratulations on finishing your first ever sweater! And, the style you’re making for your newphew, how cute! How will his parents not love that beauty! Have you chosen the same color for the star? Always, when I see knitters’ projects I feel an itch to learn…crud.
    Ps…Have your old readers been as fortunate as I to find you again? Knitting bloggers (I hate to admit this) are the best gang out there! Not only will they help you with your knitting dilemma, but they’ll suck you in, and love you, and hug you, and take good care of you, and I’ll lose you forever to their charms*:( Hahahaha! Sorry, but it’s true….

  2. Kill me. Kill me now. NEWPHEW. What the????? Ah. I meant to type that.

  3. Well, he is new, he was just born two weeks ago :o)

  4. heh.

  5. You know you want to knit pt. Just give in! It was actually my cousin from Hawaii who taught me to knit originally, 12 years ago (or maybe it was more like 14). He now lives in Alaska, so he can knit himself lots of sweaters!
    I don’t know if any other former readers have re-found me, no one comments but you.
    Hey people! If you’re reading, say hi! I know someone must be checking me out, because my referer logs say there are lots of visitors :o), but I don’t know who they are.

  6. My hands itch to learn, but I am fighting the impulse! I need to kick back,for the time being…I’ll be intrigued by the rest of you talented peoples!
    Cousin from Hawaii! Neato!

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