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I’m busy spring cleaning today, so this is just a quick post to share some craft/antique show treasures, featuring my lovely assistant, Ruby.Rubyslippers
The chickens and Bear find that they must all be in exactly the same spot as me when I am outside. Do they not understand that I have personal space issues? I guess it’s nice to be loved. More than one chicken has had her toes stepped on because she just could not get out of my way.

I got some cute wooden shoes and tiny jello molds at craft show on Saturday. I have to work on my bargaining skills, however. Especially as I plan on going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market later during my Four Weeks off (did you think I wasn’t going to mention it again? Wrong!). I spied the wooden shoes on the ground and quickly snatched them up before anyone else could see them, not thinking that maybe not everyone loves wooden shoes like I do. I approached the seller and asked, "How much?" I got all flustered when he said, "How much were you thinking?" I don’t know, I don’t know! I just really like them and they’re old and have a great patina and I just want them and I don’t want to insult you by offering too little. "$15?" "Uh, I was thinking a little less, $12?" Okay, I’ll take them! Doh! I have about 3 weeks to work on my technique. I mean, really, would he have been insulted if I said $5? Of course I couldn’t try to bargain him down below $12 after I offered $15, right? Gah! I’m so not prepared for the flea market experience. Any helpful hints would be welcomed.


  1. My dear start at about half of what they are asking. You can go up slowly or quickly depending on their reaction. Here we start at 1/4 of what they are asking when we know that they are agressive in their pricing! Try again. And pause before saying anything. Also, start to walk away if they say no or hesitate, of course if you really want the item come back and try for a little more. Good luck!

  2. That’s really tricky when they ask you first. If you had said $40, I wonder if he would have said, how about $35? Sounds like a tricky way for them to get as much $ as possible. I’m used to them giving me a number first, then going lower, like what Empty Nest said.

  3. Interesting, I’ve never been asked for a price first, except when buying a car LOL! I’d just say you reallyl want to know what price he/she had in mind. Don’t throw out a number first, sounds like he was just trying to get you to spend your $.

  4. Awwww… your Ruby looks like my twins!
    Come see…
    I am glad to meet another gal who treats her chicks like kids, not just farm animals!!!!!
    They are too fun aren’t they!
    Hugz, Dolly

  5. Have a 5 in your hand and tell them you’ll give it to them now. If they balk, put the fiver back in your pocket and walk away. 😀

  6. Hey, if they’re worth $15 to you, then $12 is a good deal. I hate bartering.

  7. Wow, Ruby is a beautiful chicken! What sort is she?

  8. I know this is an old post, but I couldn’t not reply! I think if an item is already tagged it is best to simply ask “What is your best price?” or “What is your best cash price?” If you immediately offer someone 25% of the asking price like someone above suggested, you run the risk of coming off as insulting and finding yourself with a seller who will sell you nothing, no matter what the price.
    If items are not pre-tagged, I have a predetermined price in my head before asking.
    If an item is less than $10, depending on the flea market, it may not be worth trying to barter. (It depends on how high the stall rental fee is usually.)

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