spines and pages

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I like how this spine came out. I tried something different and inserted linen tape through some slits I cut in the raggedy spine, and then stitched over them all the way through.

I also like taking pictures of the pages. I think this is pretty. And a blank page is so full of possibilities, don’t you think?


This book is in the shop.


  1. I LOVE a blank page. So full of possibilities. But I have trouble deciding whether or not to “ruin” it by starting something on there. I have bought beautiful blank books, but they stay blank forever.
    Maybe I should confront my fear and just DRAW something on one of my nice books? The thought makes my palms sweat!

  2. My goodness this is a beautiful journal, the contrast between the old shabby cover and the beautiful crisp new paper is wonderful and those end papers are just devine.

  3. I teach Year 5 & 6 at the moment. That is kids from the ages of 10 – 12. Just before they head to high school. I am teaching an Opportunity Class – the bright kids/high IQs.
    I am really enjoying your brother’s music. I even subscribed to his podcasts on itunes.
    I like the book you bound.

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