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When I was a freshman in high school I got to choose an elective class. Being a freshman, I got last pick and there weren't many options left. It came down to a choice between geography and woodshop. What else could I do? I chose woodshop. It was the 80's, and I was the only girl in the class. I wasn't highly successful, I made a piggy bank that wobbled and a box with an ill-fitting lid, but it was fun anyway. I've liked power tools and the smell of sawdust ever since, but wasn't really confident enough to use my toolbox for anything more than simple repairs. I think that is going to change. 

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My spice cupboard was once again out of control. The lazy susan I put in there didn't hold much and didn't spin well, and searching for that one particular herb often meant pulling out five others before finding it. I happen to have a narrow bit of wall not too far from the stove that seemed like a good location for all those little jars, but I knew I would never find just the right sort of shelves for the space. So I measured and sketched and went to three different hardware stores, and asked for advice from some very patient lumber and hardware men. I spent about $25 on supplies and plywood and trim cut to size. I bought a very nifty corner clamp to ensure that I ended up with perfect right angles, and cleaned off the spout on my bottle of wood glue. And then I got to work.

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I did a little bit each weekend for the past two weeks, and apart from a little help from Mr. HeyLucy, who demonstrated how to pound in the nails, rather than tapping and bending them, I did it all myself. With the paint nice and dry, last night I hung it up and stocked it with most of my little jars of herbs and spices. 

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I am feeling pretty proud of myself. It's not a huge project, it's about 12 inches by 30 inches, and it's not perfect. The wood isn't super high quality and there are some little gaps in the trim. It's sort of rustic and crate-like, which luckily, is a look I happen to like. I may add another shelf in the top section, but in the meantime, I do like having that little open space to display a couple vintage postcards. 

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Now I'm in the middle of cleaning out and organizing my toolbox, which will get it's own post soon. We have some scrap wood from an old fence that's just calling my name now, and I'm trying to figure out where to set up a table saw. I think I'm going to have to clean out our shed next, and turn it into a woodshop. 


  1. Great job! Figured Summer is keeping you busy.

  2. you’re back!!! you’ve been missed. i loveeee the new project. so cute! Great job!!! hope you, Mr. Lucy, & Winston are well. XOXOXOXOXOX

  3. Looks nice!
    Just be careful. I don’t want to see any future posts about how you went to the ER because you cut off your thumb, okay?

  4. Don't worry, we covered safety extensively in woodshop class!

  5. Yet another reason why so many adore Marne…I’m excited for your woodshop, great job on your project!

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