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I could tell you the whole sad story of how freak storm rolled in Thursday morning as I was leaving for work, and how I got on the freeway to drive home that evening and traffic was stopped dead and it took me 90 minutes to go about 6 miles. And then they closed the one and only highway I can take to my house, so I had to turn around and call a friend to stay with her. And then got up the next morning to a road still closed, so I went to work in the same clothes as the day before (oh the horror!). But instead, I’ll just share the pictures of the flowers Mr. Heylucy gave me for Valentines Day, before all the tragedy. He always does a good job with flowers. He was equally thrilled with the bucket of KFC I brought home the next day when the road finally reopened and I was able to get home and take a very long, hot bath.



  1. Yuck, it’s the worst when you just want to go home, but you can’t. Did you and CJ3 share sob stories? He was stuck some where on the I-80. Was the freak storm a snow, rain, or wind storm? Glad you made it home safely. Great pictures once again.

  2. That’s really bad when you can’t get home at all!
    The flowers are stunning.

  3. And I thought we had it rough here sometimes but we have always been able to get home…so far. Glad you made it back the next day.
    Did you get Mr. HeyLucy those styrofoamy mashed potatoes at KFC? 🙂

  4. Glad you had someone you could stay with! beautiful flowers.

  5. Lovely flowers! Mr HeyLucy did a fine job!

  6. The flowers are pretty, and the bucket of KFC sounds good. We had KFC a few days ago and found that it’s as greasy, but good as ever. We had KFC in China, but could never figure out which piece of the chicken we were getting. I t was never a breast, or wing or drumstick or thigh, but some kind of combination of all of the above. They use cleavers on their food a lot, and I think they just took a cleaver to the chicken and whacked it into 5 or 6 peices. The Chinese customers loved it, but we kind of endured it. Sometimes, we needed a break from Chinese food.

  7. They are gorgeous roses. Well done Mr HeyLucy!

  8. I think pink roses are probably my most favorite flower. But right about now, I’d be happy to see some weeds!

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