Sharing the Relaxation

Posted by on July 28, 2005 in other things, Uncategorized | 2 comments

A good friend of mine, with a very soothing voice, recorded a relaxation CD for me, at my request. It’s a guided imagery exercise, and it takes you through the process of deep breathing and imagining a peaceful place. It lasts about 15 minutes, and it really works, I nearly fall asleep listening too it, and feel extraordinarily relaxed when I’m done. I thought I would share the joy, so if you’d like, I’d love to swap for copies of the CD! This is just for small stuff, whatever you’d like to send. Maybe a little music mix CD, or a handmade postcard, or a scrap of pretty fabric, or a few buttons. Leave a comment or send an email if you’re interested. I won’t be sending them out until after August 9th, so you have plenty of time to respond!


  1. hey, if you bring me a copy to sijbrich’s wedding, I’ll bring you a copy of all the demos for my new record.

  2. Hey Lucy!
    Enjoy reading your posts but it’s nothing compared to the real thing… Sounds like you’re keeping busy this summer! AND I’ve enjoyed reading your sister’s posts too… shhhh! Don’t tell her as I’m sure she doesn’t remember who I am but am finding her utterly delightful! And YES I’m old enough (almost) to use that term as I will be entering my 4th Decade around Labor Day, however, don’t expect me to admit that in public anytime soon… Take care you! Sorry about “the death in the family” although I have no idea who this is… I am so behind… =/
    BTW, I’ll vouch for “the hands”

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