sewing class

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Sewing class

Who is ready for a sew-a-long? I think this will be really fun! Over the next few weeks, I'll do a couple posts a week about all sorts of sewing skills. Each post will conclude with a small assignment, and each assignment will actually be a step in making a skirt. So when we're all done, we'll each have a new, well-fitting, well-made skirt. How does that sound? 

I have chosen a pattern for a simple, lined, pencil skirt with an invisible zipper. I think it's a great wardrobe basic that everyone can use. It's Vogue 1127, a Badgley Mischka design (but don't let that scare you!), and I thought it was nice because it includes a lovely blouse and jacket, which make it really versatile, and it's just a great, classic design that will flatter a lot of different shapes. The skirt itself doesn't take much fabric, either. I splurged on a good, 100% wool flannel in grey, which I picked up at Jo-ann. With a 40% off coupon (and you should never buy anything there without a coupon! They even have coupons on their iPhone app!), it was less than $15. Just for fun, I'm going to line it with a bright coral fabric. 

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This week we'll cover basic sewing supplies and machine care and choosing the right size pattern and selecting fabric. So by next week, you'll have everything you need to get started. 

This is going to be a really interactive project, so I really hope you'll join in and spread the word! I've got some buttons (at the end of this post) that you can take and use on your own blogs. And please, please use and read the comments! Ask questions, share links and photos! Let me know if you want to join, and I'll create a page with links to everyone who'll be sewing along. Suggestions are also welcome! 

Today's assignment: Spread the word, clean up or set up your sewing area, and stay tuned for more in a day or two!

All posts will be tagged 'sewing class', and I'll add a button to the sidebar that will take you right there. Please take a button and use it wherever you'd like!

Sewing class 150 

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  1. i REALLY wish i had a sewing machine for this!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so sad i’m going to miss out. i am going to search for a friend with one right now!

  2. Love the button!

  3. Hi! I’m totally up for this—I’m a totally novice seamstress but I can’t wait to branch out.
    I’ve never inserted a zipper and I’ve never lined anything. Oh boy…
    This is so cool of you to do. I can’t get to JoAnn’s until next week, but otherwise I’m raring to go! Thanks!

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