Self Portrait Tuesday-Hand

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One (two?) of my favorite features are my hands. I have my mother’s hands, I keep my nails short so they don’t get in the way of digging in the dirt or typing or any of my crafty endeavors. I have long fingers, but try as I might, I was never all that good at the piano. A few years ago my fingers on my left hand started going numb and I lost all strength in that hand. It terrified me, that I might lose the use of my hand. The things that I most enjoy doing require dexterity-knitting, sewing, cooking. After xrays and MRI’s and a strange series of tests involving electrified needles, it was discovered that I had a tumor pressing on my ulnar nerve (it was a benign growth). After a simple surgery-I went home the same day-my hand was back to normal within a few weeks. What a blessing it is to have two working hands.

I’m so behind, I have so much to post here and just haven’t been taking the time to do it. The weekend before last was filled with a big big fun party (photo album is here, but nothing is captioned yet), and this weekend was filled with Harry Potter (has anyone else finished reading? I need to discuss it and have no real life friends who have read it) and a large mountain of laundry. I received my incredible backtack package, and have to take pictures to share. That is at the top of my list for tomorrow, so check back, you don’t want to miss it. Unless you’re the jealous type, because it will make you jealous :o)


  1. I’ve finished reading it and have the same dilemma. None of my friends here have read it. What did you think?
    And yeah, the thought of losing use of a hand is scary.

  2. Wow, that’s uncanny how much your hand does look like Mom’s.:-)

  3. Don’t your hands look like mom’s? you have her feet, but i have dad’s feet, how weird is that? Take a picture of your hands! I want to compare!

  4. I just received the Hairy Potter book in the mail, I’ve yet to read it. I’ll read it and we can compare. You do have your Mom’s lovely hands. You could be a hand model. Serious.

  5. Hello, Self Portrait Tuesday-er. I’m posting to everyones blogs because I’ve started a Self Portrait Tuesday Pool on Flickr. Please join it so we can see everyone’s in one place!

  6. I always worry about losing the use of my hands, but more my eyes, probably because I have really bad eyesight and am totally dependent on my glasses and contacts. Glad your surgery went so well, it’s good to hear a happy ending. Just finished the new Harry Potter last week, but now feel compelled to go back and read the previous ones again because there’s so much I’ve forgotten.

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