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I have lots to blog about, but no time to do so. Painting is mostly finished, except for the ceiling, but I can do that any time. I'll just throw some drop cloths over stuff and paint away. I actually ran out of paint, so I'll pick up another can later this week. The painting was the hard part, now I get to do a lot of fun little things, but it will be some time before I'm done. Right now I'm busy moving stuff back in my OCD fashion, and thinning out and organizing.

One bookshelf is full of books and things, and the other is filling up with fabric. Eventually I will have curtains covering this end of the room to tidy things up and add lots of color. In the meantime, I'm trying to arrange everything neatly. I also need to find a triple switch switchplate. The old one was cracked and disgusting. I'm leaving it off until I find a new one.


I mentioned in a reply to Sara's comment that I am all about decorating on the cheap, and she requested some tips, so here's tip number one: Paint! Not only is paint fairly inexpensive (except when you need three cans of primer before you can even get to the paint), and obviously a new color on the walls transforms a space, I find that when I have to clean out to paint I see all the Stuff in the room in a new way, and I tend to edit and move things around. Et voila! A whole new look, just because you changed up the color.

And, for some other nice things (hence the post title), I'm currently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I am loving it so much! I haven't even finished it and I have to recommend that you get yourself a copy and read it right now. I also went and saw Gran Torino last week with a friend. It wasn't my first choice of movies to see, but the show time worked out the best for us, and I was so pleasantly surprised. I really loved it. It's a drama, but I laughed so hard through most of it and then I bawled like a baby.


  1. Painting is a good thing, but I find that I love color I see in other’s rooms, but I am afraid of it. I plan to make an effort to become fearless with paint this Spring – after the ice melts. Yes, the midwest is in the middle of an ice storm. I hope the power holds this time. Thank you for the book recommendation! ~Kelly
    unDeniably Domestic

  2. How funny- my friend at the bookstore keeps telling me I have to read the same book. Ok, I will have to really take a look at it since you are liking it as well. Wow- what a difference in your cute room! I have been thinking about painting several rooms white for awhile now and then painting some of our furniture bold, bright colors. On the Yvestown blog, her photos make me want to paint my entire home white. Also, looking through some of the Paumes books, they all have a similar theme with the pale or white backdrops for their colorful items. Your really coming along with your work lately.

  3. I just love you little collections – so sweet!

  4. I love the way a bit of paint transforms a room. I’m also a big fan of Ikea – solid wood furniture at chipboard prices. I’ll have to kick a kid out before I get a pretty studio of my own, though. good luck with it – it’s looking good so far.

  5. We received the package today and the kids spent the entire afternoon looking through the books and doing the garden cross-word puzzle. Thank you for thinking of them. Oh, and I downloaded the Big Fish Game and the kids spent an entire afternoon playing with that. So a big thanks from me for keeping them entertained this week.

  6. Hey Lucy Goosey! What cha makin these days? New crafts to share?

  7. I love that covered bowl with the bird that is so cute!

  8. Love the lamp and porcelain squirrel, very warm. And yes, paint! All the years I rented I had to live with white walls, now in my home we have about nine different wall colors going!
    Suzanne U.

  9. love the bird, have it. loved the book. we are separated at birth twins or something. weird.

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