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Posted by on July 8, 2004 in other things, Uncategorized | 3 comments

Man, where does the time go? I haven’t knit much this past week, here is a progress photo:


I just have to finish sewing up the booties and they’ll be done. I’m up to the cap shaping on the Salt Peanuts sleeve, and the sock is just for when I want a little project. I think Salt Peanuts is going to be a long-term kind of project. I like the yarn, but my hands get tired, because I have to pull it pretty tight in order to stay on gauge. I’m using birch needles, maybe it would be easier with plastic or metal needles? I may give that a try.

Lately I’ve felt more like sewing than knitting. Last weekend I made myself a blouse:


I used a pattern, but made some minor alterations, inspired by my Anthropologie catalogues. Maybe someday when I’m not quite as large as I am now, I’ll take a picture while wearing it :o). It is actually very flattering, so maybe I’ll be brave and take a picture despite my current plumpness.

Monday’s big project was to take Bear to the groomer for a bath and a haircut for the summer. I feel so terrible, he was so excited to go for a ride in the car, and then I left him with the groomer, where he stood at the door on his hind legs and watched me drive off. No dog has more pitiful facial expressions than that dog. It took five hours, what with all the nervous peeing and shaking. I came back for the last half hour, and I’ve never seen a dog tremble with fear like that. He finally made it, though, and we went to Wendy’s for hamburgers after that. He’s very happy with his short hair now:



  1. Aww, your dog is extremely cute.

  2. Cute shirt!

  3. grrr. My mom always comments first on the sites i read. hahaha. I really like the shirt too! Anthropologie stuff is so cute, if only it weren’t so darn expensive. One of a kinds are better anyway. Yay for being crafty!

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